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I am not running for my employers. Karma, vikarma and akarma together complete sadhana. It is indispensable for any work. A true spiritual quest is not possible without these three things. It is not that the qualities needed for worldly success are different from those needed for spiritual progress. Just run , run as fast as I can. It is painful to see us engaged in hair-splitting over trivial matters.

yach sathi kela hota

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The Gita is meant to teach us how worldly life can be purified. But how to attain it? To still the mind is extremely important. This power can lead us to enlightenment. Truly, India is a land of spirituality.

yach sathi kela hota

Do not clip the wings of vision; let your vision be broad. Thus, success is hard to come by, in temporal as ssthi as in spiritual pursuits, without one-pointedness of mind. Gear up your spirit to move ahead, to rise higher and higher. Difference lies only in the way of looking at things.

Hotw prayer is nothing but a show. Even as the body grows older and becomes infirm, the soul should become stronger.

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The mind is crowded with the thoughts of limitless samsara — affairs and happenings in the outside world. We go on discussing merrily, each and every trivial matter in the world. It is said of Napoleon that after working out a strategy and deploying the troops on the battle-field, he would lose himself in solving mathematical problems.


yach sathi kela hota

I wave back; soon he goes up the distance and disappears. By not stopping and asking if I am OK he is honours my run in a very strange way which only two of us understand. Now this is only mind. But it does not want you to remain there.

We go on expanding our power of thought, which can lead us to the Lord, in discussing the taste of vegetables and pat ourselves on the back for this feat!

What should be done for it? This moment I think I am slightly closer to it than ever.

In fact no matter how hard I try I am not even going to be close to top He loses any kind of discipline and controlling power. Therefore, never consider yourself a mundane ordinary being caught up in samsara and never raise a fence around you confining yourself to where you are. I also feel the same. Devotion, meditation, development of virtues, discrimination between the Self and the not-Self — all these are different types of vikarma or spiritual discipline.


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The same thing is said about Caliph Omar. An arrow had pierced and stuck into his body. Our minds are always immersed in such matters. I am running nicely. This distinction has lead to a hiatus between ascetics and the worldly men.

Yaajsathi Kela Hota Attahaas

The run is really fun. It implies that ascetics belong to a particular species of animals like horses, lions, bears, cows etc.

All the efforts and pain look to be worth this experience. All he knows is to explode, throw the ball with hoya his might and destroy the wicket. By the time I am at Churchgate station the crowd has thinned out.

Now there are no thoughts, no ego either.


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