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I downloaded and installed the x64 version of the JRE 1. Commercial licences do not expire, but there will be the opportunity to renew Subscription Advantage to allow you to run the latest versions. While the Free Edition does not cost anything, it must be activated – this activation lasts for 12 months. To download the required XenServer license file from My Account, complete the following procedure:. After 12 months, you will receive warnings within XenCenter and be prompted to renew.

xenserver free license xslic

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I do not have a license file, I have a server with an expired license.

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Sorry to hear that. The Commercial Editions connect to a licence server installed on your network which is used to licence all commercial Citrix products that you own such as XenApp and XenDesktop.

Run the Office setup.

xenserver free license xslic

Obtain the license file I’m assuming you’ve already done this since you are asking how to renew the license Place the file on a USB drive and plug it into the host machine Select xslix Details and Licensing” from xsconsole Hope this helps! CitrixCitrix Receiver iPhone Comments: This resolved the issue and Citrix XenApp installed properly. Open a Case Online. Select the servers that need activating and click on Activate Free XenServer.


Customers who viewed this article also viewed. I put together the following to give you an idea of what the Receiver looks like on the iPhone.

xenserver free license xslic

What can we do to improve this page? I downloaded and installed the x64 version of the JRE 1. Click Download to download the license file, and save the file in the local repository.

frwe For example, enter the following:. On the Add New Server window add the hostname, username and password. Double-click the Desktop icon to start XenCenter.

XSLIC File Extension – What is an .xslic file and how do I open it?

If your server is not compatible with virtualization technology or the option is disabled, liecnse will get the following message when attempting to install XenServer: My Account window is displayed. I will look more as soon as I have the chance. Server Fault works best with JavaScript enabled. Complete the following after Outlook is installed on the Citrix server: Open a ticket online for technical assistance with troubleshooting, break-fix requests, and other xensdrver issues.


How to Download the XenServer License File from My Account Portal

One of the prerequisites for installing Citrix XenApp 5. If you continue the install from this point, all data will be lost. I’m not right in front of it at the moment, but I think there might be a direct option there. Have you tried the xsconsole screen I mentioned to see if you can renew that way? Citrix XenServer Splash Screen: Email Email address is required.

Publish Outlook freee the following syntax to import the. Article feedback You rated this page as You rated this page as. It only takes a minute to sign up. We did not need XenServer 4.

For example, enter the following: Come back soon for the next post covering the XenCenter installation and configuration plus better screen captures. Noam Kremen Noam Kremen 2 2 silver badges 7 7 bronze badges.

It is definately worth downloading and using.


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