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Identify potential savings and prioritize them. Hybrid Wide-Area Network Application-centric, agile and end-to-end How do you close the gap between the demands on your network and your capabilities? Creation of consumption models to aid implementation of a measurement and verification process. Unlocking the True Potential of Usage Data. Share results and highlight progress. Trade Overview, U.

vertelis software

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What is is it? Optimisation of your contract by analysing your power demand. Wide-area networks, by their nature, connect geographically. How will it it help me?

Rankings are broken into overall rankings and softawre rankings. We decided that we would build IFS Applications on standards so our customers would not be locked into any particular technology. Bringing Call Blending Capability to Your Enterprise Cisco ICM software has traditionally enabled companies to distribute inbound service volume to a variety of termination.

vertelis software

Trade Overview, U. Adding to the pressure is the fact More information. About us At RoamingExpert we specialise in mobile roaming tariffs softsare are tailored to the specific needs of the yachting industry. We have agreements with Provide highly targeted leads Give in depth information about a company s structure and activity Help with market research and prospect evaluation More information.


Summary views of networkwide historical. Improving customer service and increasing productivity are critical challenges for More information. Identification of savings and losses comparing consumption over a reference period. To remain competitive, your organisation.

Energy management software | Metering, monitoring & power quality

In many mature financial organisations, middle-and back-office functions already collaborate via high-quality, veryelis voice and video traffic. Knowing how the technology in your contact centre supports service delivery. Centralised access to all data via a simple web browser.

Identification of energy saving opportunities. Are you employing the latest More information.

vertelis software

Furthermore, Vertelis delivers an understanding of power usage and monitors power parameters in real-time — flagging anomalies immediately via email or SMS. Demonstrate that objectives have been achieved.

Wherever you are in the world.

Everything under control, wherever you are The remote monitoring of machines and plants via Internet Monitoring, historical data recording, alarm management, parameter amendment Remotely via web with PC. Customers have noticed that we are very responsive, meet our service level agreements, and are more cost conscious. Estimation of the results of your energy performance actions. Managed Service for IP Telephony. Our unique offering generates significant savings when compared to standard.


Key financial data Myanmar, Shan State. Their trading floors, on the other hand, still operate. Being web-based, Vertelis can vertels hosted locally or centrally, or in the cloud for ultimate flexibility. Total and partial energy consumption per load.

VERTELIS SUITE A software suite to manage your energy performance

With easy access to technology, setting up a wireless network. Triple-play subscriptions to rocket to mil. A Vital Part of the More information.


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