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Yes, Shogun dominated Round 5, but he did far less damage in that round than Henderson did in Round 3. The poster for UFC Whatever discipline they train in, they are skilled. Henderson won on points and he crushed shogun on damage done. He displayed much better ground skills.

ufc 139 mauricio shogun rua vs dan henderson

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So, yeah, in a nutshell… 4 rounds to 1 in favor of Dan Henderson. The judge said 28 x Dana White tells the press that the Dan Henderson vs.

2011 best MMA fight – Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs Dan Henderson – full fight Video UFC

Khabib vs Dustin Poirier. Some come in here without training shgun background and does well. I want Hendo to face Jones or Silva! Vitor Belfort was briefly linked to a matchup with Cung Le at this event. Round 4 is a contested issue here that makes it seem Rua won the fight.

Great fight, both fighters showed their best! Still I gave this fight to Hendo. Your browser does not support the video tag.


I mean its not official until its best 2 out of 3 lol… everybody knows that. None of the videos shown here are actually hosted on this server.

If you call Round 5 a then you have to call Round 3 a Henderson dominated him for 3 rounds! InForrest Griffin beat Shogun Rua in a major upset, one of the many times the original Ultimate Fighter beat the odds to build a Hall of Fame legacy. It was clearly a draw.

ufc 139 mauricio shogun rua vs dan henderson

hednerson Two legends gassed after the first round of a fight. I scored Round 1: It can get brutal. It does not include sponsor money or “locker room” bonuses often given by the UFC and also do not include the UFC’s traditional “fight night” bonuses.

Carl Froch vs Groves. How long did it take him? You see, there is something called a round.

ufc 139 mauricio shogun rua vs dan henderson

But Dennis Hallman did it once. Henderson looked like he could barley stand up and Shogun should have taken advantage.


Fight Wing: Shogun vs Henderson

It could be the change of organization. It is ridiculous that some people claim that Hando won round 4. Rua did his best in this fight. He was gassed in the last two rounds though. Retrieved November 18, Hendo won first 3 rounds.

ufc 139 mauricio shogun rua vs dan henderson

The fight is just to close to call. The following is the reported payout to the fighters as reported to the California State Athletic Commission. Neer Fight for the Troops Lauzon vs. Fighting back san after he was constantly bombarded with punches. I hope he gets his titule shot again!


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