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Starting in , Inazuma Rock Festival is a music festival held every year in the Shiga prefecture where Nishikawa and other artists and bands perform every year. Feedback fb tw gp vk. Revolution where he contributed songs to the anime series Sengoku Basara and Bleach. After releasing a few singles, releasing one album, and performing one live tour, the two decided to disband and Nishikawa continued his work as T. Revolution Takanori Nishikawa is a professional singer; actor; and voice actor. Please like our facebook page!

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Revolution All Time Best” which reached 1 on the oricon charts on the day of its release and started his own company, Toppu, which began selling Hot Limit outfits. The line between vocalist and fan can only be separated by a sheet of music.

The band released one more single, WE aRE, in before going on hiatus. Revolution incorporates many styles and genres of music. In Baltimore t.m.revolutoonthousands of fans of anime piled into the convention arena, waiting to hear T. As well as being a singer, Nishikawa has also voice acted for anime characters and has starred in several musicals, movies, television shows, and commercials.

Feedback fb t.m.reevolution gp vk. He released the album “T. Please like our facebook page! Nishikawa-san has made 4 appearances in the US: Read more on Last.


t.m.revolution love saver mp3

Revolution, with some songs being used for anime series, and has also collaborated with the Kpop group AOA. His newest single, Raimei, has been used for the puppet series Thunderbolt Saer. Revolution is a project for everyone in Nishikawa’s following.

t.m.revolution love saver mp3

Each album differs greatly from one other, but the feeling of dance, techno and excellent vocals mixed with lyrics from Akio Inoue are present in all of his songs. Tracks not available for listen and download because of a copyright notice.

Revolution in mid Later that year, Nishikawa announced on a radio show that he would discontinue his activities as T. The festival helps raise funds to pay for the cleaning of Lake Biwa and helps brings in tourism a goal for Nishikawa considering his role as ambassador of tourism for the Shiga Prefecture.

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Nishikawa currently continues to release music as T. Takanori ga kakumei wo okosu. Revolution” or “Takanori Makes Revolution”, a nod to the famous group T. Nishikawa also released the song Web of night for the Japanese soundtrack for the second Spider-Man movie. The group released a handful of singles and two albums together before ultimately disbanding.

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Shiga Prefecture, Japan T. Following the earthquake, Nishikawa started Stand Up Japan!


Nishikawa is also known for his charitable deeds. He was originally signed under Antinos Records until its collapse inand is currently represented by Epic Records Japan.


T.M. Revolution

The charity is still running and accepting donations to this day. Revolution Takanori T.m.revloution is a professional singer; actor; and voice actor. Revolution to join together with his then producer, Daisuke Asakura, to form the two man group “the end of genesis T. On May 13thNishikawa would debut as a solo artist t.m.revolutino the stage name “T.

All acoustic ambient blues classical country electronic emo folk hardcore hip hop indie jazz latin metal pop pop punk punk reggae rnb rock t.mrevolution world 60s 70s 80s 90s MyTracks MyArtists History My profile About Terms Of Use Contacts. Nishikawa is also often invited to guest star on several tv shows such as Hey! He wants to reach fans of every age, all over the world, bringing the revolution into the hearts of all.


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