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Thank you for the recap and this drama showed me what an actor KSH is. Hello, I think the Bayfile link is down. Let me know if this continues. Will Hwon finally get to protect the person he loves till the end? And yes, as we pull away, we find Hyung-sun indeed around the corner, playing his little heart out. Hyung-sun is still there

the moon that embraces the sun episode 19 indowebster

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I just watched the final episode. These were the more prominent ones. I would totally agree with this if it wasn’t for the fact that this drama had SO much potential going for it. I said that moon would follow me wherever I went. Yeon-woo meets him in the courtyard and comforts him as he cries.

What’s with all the shows taking away the bromance? I’m just trying to make it through to the finale.

Frustrated, he shoves the gayageum away and blames it for sucking. I was so fond to the beginning that when it started getting so slow, I was so disappointed.

I was expecting more from them. Thank you for the recap Sure enough, in her chamber she starts choking on her own blood, after eating something poisoned.


the moon that embraces the sun episode 19 indowebster

And Minhwa should feel thankful to her. Totally agreed with Girlfriday. Open Thread Open Thread by mary. Yeon-woo asks Hwon for a favor, and requests that she be allowed to see Nok-young one last time. This drama is making me happy and cry at the same time. Yang-myung looks up at the sky, now thinking inwardly that he will meet his father soon — not as king, but as a parent. I only have two mirrors. What we’re watching by DB Staff. He comes in to confront her, stone-faced while she chatters on about making clothes for the baby, hopefully thta son just like him.

the moon that embraces the sun episode 19 indowebster

You hear me drama gods? There’s no way you can get out of this and still be branded as a good guy I don’t believe that he really became a villain. But production still shooted for at least 4 more, I think? Fated To Love You. It was a good drama with a happy ending but it could have been lndowebster much better.

Download The Moon That Embraces The Sun | Korean Chingu Indo

I am disappointed that they didn’t develop her character more. It was a short life, but right now, I am happier than any woman in the world. Despite their different family backgrounds four friends grew up together in the wearisome years of the s.


the moon that embraces the sun episode 19 indowebster

Yeon-woo needs to be there so that these girls who have spent their entire lives together can say a proper goodbye! Her name was pretty apt: I want them to be more pro-active, I really hope we see some good actions tonight!!

“The Moon that Embraces the Sun” Episode 19 Preview

Even though Hwon and Yeon-woo got their happy ending but at what cost? What a offense for our intelligence! Was really crazy about that movie. I say this having wanted for Seol to play more of a role all drama long and being disappointed at her lack of presence or significance.

Just my two cents:


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