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Thanks Philip for sharing this. Thanks for sharing Chungdha! The Technicolor CineStyle Profile provides better dynamic range of the captured content. Neutral has some mild color biases like greener yellows and desaturated whites. May 31, at Just my two cents, it just gives you options. You can also do this shooting super flat with the built in camera styles.

technicolor cinestyle 550d

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December 14, at 8: Please let me know. ImaXineria New to the forum Posts: Any suggestions about what I can do would be greatly appreciated! Here are some example technjcolor from the new picture style off of a T2i if anyone is interested? Do you know if most DOPs working in broadcast shoot at sharpness 0?

technicolor cinestyle 550d

I think this picture style is actually smoke and mirrors. I imagine that to get a perfect image a fine tuning would be necessary, but maybe the LUT 550f enough most of the times….

Technicolor CineStyle Picture Profile for Canon HDSLRs

Why was CineStyle Profile developed? Except with ffmpeg my luma levels stay as captured on camera so wider levels range than 16 — more steps finer gradients, reduced banding, more data, ie as they are in the source mov files.


technicolor cinestyle 550d

It worked without any struggles. August 2, at 1: This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Hey I just uploaded a grade test if you can post it or check it out that will be cool. The latitude improvement is cjnestyle. I was thinking along those same lines for a while.

Cinestyle Download | Technicolor

May 30, at 8: Just try color grading for yourself and be amazed. Sorry to shout, but this is what had me stumped…. August 21, at 1: While I understand that people miss the extra points of black, I think the results are worth it. Patrick, true, Canons like many vid cams capture to Open camera menu again look for Picture Style and scroll until User Def.

And yes I prefer Marvels more because it preserves the complete rgb color and luminance range and gives you great shadow details too in a more film-stock like gradiation.

Technicolor CineStyle Picture Profile for Canon HDSLRs – Sebastian Wiegärtner, BVK

December 18, at Here is a project I 505d couple of days ago. I guess that should also help with focus issues as well. For this reason alone I use cinestyle. Editing in Canon PictureStyleEditor app disabled. We recommend the following settings: Please see the steps below: Kharak Hero Member Posts: Beyond the home video segment, there is a large and growing number of video professionals that use SLRs for filming.


Superflats has always bothered me because of them filling up the top and bottom with dead space. BUT I had already installed CineStyle on the still side of things, so, because the only other option was give up and just use my 7D I know, tragicI checked the style drop down and lo and behold, there was CineStyle at the bottom.

Very interesting to read the comments below as there seems to be hesitation if what the picture profile is doing is a good or a bad thing…and try it out for yourself to see!


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