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Being a woman and being emotional, just to be able to express myself is so easy. People started to pay attention to what I was doing and started to listen accordingly. I wasn’t too worried about that. So I was just focused. So, the first week was my least favorite week, by far.

sonyae elise lady rebel

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Lady Rebel Vol. 1 Mixtape by Sonyae Elise Hosted by Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes

I just want to make you fall in love with me over and over again. The amount of time we had, the fact that we had to work — I didn’t know what the hell I was getting epise into. I had fun with everybody, yes, because I really don’t pay people any mind.

Kara and Jewel are amazing. The last challenge seemed like it was pretty tricky. Who would be my least favorite though?

Artist images 8 more. But you know, Else really don’t give a f–k, because, at the end of the day, you have to be cordial and be able to make a good song.


The other two finalists, Jes Hudak and Scotty Granger, were both very good competitors! Do you know the lyrics for this track? Throughout the competition, you were a little different from everyone because you didn’t play an instrument. You keep putting smiles on my face, I’m constantly amazed by what eoise do.


sonyae elise lady rebel

Sonyae Elise 1, listeners Related Tags rnb hip-hop soul Sonyae Elise, the singer and songwriter on “Platinum Hit” who did not play an instrument or read music, was crowned the winner of the first season of Bravo’s songwriting competition on Friday. Don’t want to see ads?

Sonyae Elise ft. Rahman Apollo – Lady Rebel

Hmm, what am I banging’? Love Me to Life http: Listen to it here, and be sure to grab the rest of the release on iTunes or Spotify! But you have to keep your sense of self. I could be around him, and he’s apologized and stuff, but it doesn’t really matter to me. Did you have fun with the other contestants? Shows, recordings, definitely trying to get myself prepared for, you know, what happened, and, just recording, trying to come up with one of those classic, timeless eluse and establish myself in the music industry, then go into movies.

Well, can I ask what you’re listening to right now? It was all one big surprise for me. The rap challenge [I liked] because I was just excited to regel able to show the contestants and the judges my other gift — that I can rap. It taught me a lot, the show.


sonyae elise lady rebel

You can not surround your self with stagnant energy and except growth, wealth and success. Throughout the last few weeks, Sonyae Elise was the stand out and was predicted to win. Our highlights from Reading Festivalfrom rock and roll to getting rickrolled Eliee.

And I can’t keep up with my heart it’s beating me into someone brand new. View all trending tracks.

Sonyae Elise – We Heard (RETWEET)

What song that somebody else wrote was your favorite? View all similar artists. Her songs from Week 1 to the Finale:. Sonyae Elise My Religion music platinum hit. She never gets old.

She’s sarcastic and fun. What surprised me the most was every challenge that they gave was one big f–king surprise.


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