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You can always playback even if the demo expires This page was last edited on 10 June , at Then again, Apple didn’t understand the seriousness of their ridiculously defective gamma-handling either. Can any of you Hollywood houses bring us up to date on whether SheerVideo is still being used for professional productions, such as the Simpsons, etc? There is a dozen of different double codesets depending on input format, different components can be coded with the first or the second VLC in the set that also depends on the format, e. Keep in mind that it can’t be compared to Indeo or DivX, as they’re not editable.

sheervideo codec

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The speed and file size testing consisted of compressing a frame tiff image sequence.

What’s up with Sheer Video Codec?

Sheer was an excellent codec, and the only viable lossless one that I know of there was one other short-lived one that I can’t remember the name of. Your vids encoded with this proprietary codec will be lost! Review by Graeme Nattress. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. The Sheer encoders feature an optional self-check mode that decodes each frame immediately after encoding and compares it to the original.

I recommend SheerVideo to code who is currently using the Animation codec in their workflow. Getting back to SheerVideo, I found the installer quick and easy to use, and registration was easy. To me, you are gaming MacUpdate to get frequent exposure for a product that is not actually updated.


sheervideo codec

Keep in mind that it can’t be compared to Indeo or DivX, as they’re not editable. Also, Sheer supports bit color space Apple has never understood the need for lossless compression, for intermediate results and archiving. We rarely render out in any other codec except for final delivery.


The generic Sheer codec and each of the 6 main specific Sheer codecs support all of the following pixel formats:. Intel 32 PPC 32 or later. This sheerviseo contains content that is written like an advertisement.

Digital video cameras use lossy codecs to achieve data rates that allow them to fit full quality video onto convenient tape formats, like miniDV for example. It’s also useful to see how they perform in terms of picture quality as compared to lossless codecs. Probably Smoke users will still see the difference.

What’s up with Sheer Video Codec? : Apple Final Cut Pro Legacy

Sheer have always been “too much” for FC. Coec exporting using the SheerVideo codec, you have the option of letting it pick the most appropriate variant according to it’s analysis of the source video, or you can choose from RGB[A] and a number of YUV options. I would steer clear of exotic codecs A unique feature of SheerVideo is the Synchromy lossless color-conversion engine which lets it convert between RGB and Y’CbCr color spaces with zero loss, or, when the output format lacks sufficient precision, with the maximum theoretically possible accuracy.

I go to the sheervieo http: SheerVideo is a family of real-time lossless video codecs intended for capture, editing, playback, and archival of professional-quality video, digitized film, and computer-generated imagery.


It just seems to be sitting out on the fringes with no more hype or new versions or news since codsc 3 years ago. Discover New Mac Apps. Please help improve it by removing promotional content and inappropriate external linksand by adding encyclopedic content written from a neutral point of view. Sheerviveo, they both produced excellent results, very similar file sizes, although the photoJPEG was twice as fast as compressing as Pixlet, which was the slowest in the test.

sheervideo codec

Lossy codecs are very common in the professional video world. In order to facilitate instant random access to any frame during editing, all SheerVideo codecs use only intraframe compression, meaning that every frame is a keyframe.

Andrea and Owen do not stop working in Sheer the best codec of the world. I would love to use this product if it is actively developed and supported. Return to posts index. The claim being that its “lossless” qualities really do apply to its amazing compression capabilities.

Add an iMessage Name and Photo. SheerVideo Pro X Screenshots.


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