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This section lists the files and information you will need, and describes the process for acquiring them. To correct this, use the xset command to disable DPMS as shown: User’s Reference Appendix A. Description Lets you specify exactly how many arrays are created and the exact physical drives that you would like in each array. Click Acquire new SEPs to begin. Capture mode The syntax for Capture mode is:

serverguide scripting toolkit linux edition

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IBM ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit, Linux Edition

The contents will be similar to this example: When sfripting have saved your selections, the OS images tab adds the new repository to the repositories table. Select Add Boot Option.

serverguide scripting toolkit linux edition

Use this parameter to describe when the current policy should be chosen to configure the RAID controllers. No network servsrguide is required for this deployment.

Linux Scripting Toolkit utilities and tools 65 Usage Table For example, to configure static IPv6 addresses for an IPv6-only network, use these boot parameters: The Linux Scripting Toolkit Console enables you to create and modify tasks, create workflows from your task libraries, and create deployment images from your workflows. Deselect the Skip this step checkbox.


Description Defines the array-creation policy to use when selecting physical disk drives to include in an array. From the Boot method drop down list, select USB.

IBM ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit

Notices This book contains the following notices designed to highlight key information: This variable affects the use of the following variables: Before you begin Before you can create a workflow, the tasks, operating system repositories, and unattended answer files to be included in the workflow must exist. The command-line syntax examples in this documentation use the following conventions: Creating a workflow from tasks After you have created and modified tasks and created repositories for operating system installation files, eddition them into a workflow.

Install the operating system in text mode. The affected operating systems are: Follow these steps to complete the Supported Systems task: One logical drive will be created on each array using the given size. Select Workflows from the main menu.

serverguide scripting toolkit linux edition

If you are using this configuration, please be aware of the following items: Getting started 15 Table 1. If there are multiple RAID controllers in the system, their configurations are placed in the file in scan order.

serverguide scripting toolkit linux edition

Results The boot media you selected is created. AUTO Indicates that defaults should be used for all parameters.


IBM ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit, Linux Edition |

When prompted, enter the path to place the generated files to be used to boot from PXE. Bold settings are defaults. UpdateXpress System Pack Installer. Creating operating system repositories Operating system repositories are used to control what Linux distributions are available for use in deployment workflows.

The Linux Scripting Toolkit uses a console to simplify the steps in creating, customizing, and deploying hardware configurations and Network Operating System NOS deployments. The Linux Scripting Toolkit uses a subset of the ASU function in order to capture and deploy firmware settings as servertuide of your scripted deployments. Missing files in USB key network deployment You might receive errors due to missing files when using a USB key as a boot method for network Linux Scripting Toolkit deployments when the key was used previously for local deployments.

Creating a workflow from tasks. Include the following line:


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