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Most or maybe all of them currently have things simulated that could be hooked up properly to run more like the original machines – including gameplay. Enabled some buttons previously marked as ‘unused’. Zsolt Vasvari updated a number of Sega games to use the new video timing code. Added clone Golden Axe bootleg. Note that in the process, I broke the title screen animation for Laser Ghost, and there is now a 1-pixel column error on ddcrew’s attract mode. I currently have my controller setup with retropie’s emulation station and know my key layout.


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Fixed column scroll after talking to Charles about how it works. I have mine to set to press both Player1 start “1” and Player2 start “2” at the same time. segas16n.c

M.A.M.E. – Altered Beast [Set 7, ] – Points [Single Player Only] – , – Pete Hahn

I just launched it and have a rom loaded contra to test Fixed ROM bank mapping so it doesn’t fall through to unmapped handlers. These wires are then connected to arcade pushbuttons and joystick, so that the arcade controls perform the functions that the gamepad buttons did. I think I can’t fix the crackling problem in the voices just because it is a very low frequency sound in the roms.


Fixed bug causing tturfu and wrestwar to hang at startup. Also I removed the splash screens and the splash movie. This is almost perfect, as I can assign a button on my cabinet to shut down the Pi when I want to turn the thing off. Several more CPUs read, improvements to decryption segas16bb.c based on those.


It turns out that pin 77 “8K” of the tilemap chip controls this feature. Renamed goldnaxu to goldnaxeugoldnaxj to goldnaxejgoldnax3 to goldnaxe3goldnax2 to goldnaxe2 and goldnax1 to goldnaxe1.

Segas16b.c download

Zsolt Vasvari updated a number of Sega games to use the new video timing code. I’ve seen the ‘kiosk’ option, but I’d rather shut down the Pi properly rather than just turning off the power. Im don’t like using a keyboard is there a config sgeas16b.c that i can edit for my usb ps3 controller Cleaned up some implementations.


For a shutdown button, I wired it directly to the GPIO connector and had a python script running which looks for a certain pin being pulled low on the GPIO connector and then runs a shutdown script. Andrew Prime added clone Golden Axe Version 2.


Moved Golden Axe to segas16b driver. Yasuhiro Ogawa added some security custom info to the Segas16b driver from http: I run Mame4all under the Advmenu interface, so I’m not sure whether this will quit Mame4all entirely in your setup. I decided to examine the board again and see if I could find anything.


segas16n.c Fully modernized the Segas16b driver. Fixed addressing in the SegaPCM sound system. Added pixel-accurate scaling to System 16B sprite. Fixed many dipswitches and added DIP locations support.

Puddings Source uses SDL for control input. Added clone Golden Axe bootleg. Renamed goldnaxe to goldnax2goldnaxa to goldnaxegoldnaxc to goldnaxu and goldnxj2 to goldnax3.

Renamed goldnab2 to goldnaxeb2. I haven’t tried updating the binary since it has left the PI store, so forgive me if this has already been addressed. Atari Ace fixed graphic corruption on multiple Segas16b launches in single session altbeast, aliensyn3.


All I need to do srgas16b.c to remap keyboard esc to one of the controller buttons. You could do something similar? Aaron Giles added support for 3 multiply chips and 3 divide chips.


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