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I want a piece ah pork. Brown Sugar – Scrunter. The New Relationship Gurus. That Eh Working Here Tonight. Nobody doing anything funny with food, right? Backyard Jam – Scrunter – Soca Parang. Is Facebook taking Maco Central too far?

scrunter eat something before you go

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Lyrics by Scrunter (10 found)

Gimme Me Ah Break. Ah See Yuh [SocaCalypso]. Sing in She Party. Ah Go Give You Something. Winin’ Up In a Band.

Scrunter eat something before you go. Oil In The Coil – Scrunter. Scrunter Anita Parang Soca.

bwfore Sugar Bum Bum Remix. And for the fellas who will play brave and go by gyul they now meet… eat a lil something before you go nah. Top Tracks Top Artists. Temawee… Strawberry… Aloes and cane.

scrunter eat something before you go

Jumbie [de Road Mix]. When it comes to belting out the best Parang ever, no one can beat Scrunter. Befor Say Parang Soca. No one, except me. Scrunter – Homemade Wine.


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With the way people does gyrate on perfect strangers, when fete season is upon us and we all know as soon as Christmas Day done, is spmething seasonit real easy to wine up on your daddy cousin sister niece. Passionfruit pom pom pom.

He also taught us how to be entrepreneurial. Scrunter – De Parang Now Start. Scrunter – Backyard Jam. You see my line of random argument.

scrunter eat something before you go

I forever writing with homemade wine in hand. She Wants Me to Sing in the. Nobody doing anything funny with food, right? Spanish people does be all over, right? It could be a stranger, you eh cater. All you have to do is get a little innovative, and anything could happen.

Dat Aint Working Here Tonight.

Eat Something Before You Go (2002) Lyrics

Gimme it Just So. Ah Lick E Thing.

scrunter eat something before you go

Jumbie the road mix. The views expressed on Outlish.


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