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Bobby Herring, better known as Christian rapper Tre9. After his career got started with Derek Minor, he is now one of the biggest names in Christian rap. In May, by way of his usual social media announcements, nobigdyl. The idea of making Christian music was another story. Offended again, a heated argument between PyRexx and Trae began upon his arrival. Nate also shares how his perception changes the older he gets.

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For the first time, Rapzilla. God takes no pleasure in the death of anyone. After an engineer finished, another engineer heard the song and called Wall to alert him. His rush to arrive at a party for an ABN member who had just been released from prison landed him back in jail. Next Article Free Download: PyRexx planned to reunite with ABN once freed.

In May, by way of his usual social media announcements, nobigdyl. With it, he bought 15 pounds of weed and 2, pills of ecstasy—much of which pyrex cop found after he pulled PyRrexx over for running a toll booth.

He was hiding something.

Momma by Pyrexx of TBZ | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Three weeks into his jail sentence, PyRexx collect called his friend Deon looking for something to cheer him up. Tre9 wanted PyRexx to join him in ministry, sharing his experiences to change lives, but PyRexx considered partnering with Trae Tha Truth the more enticing option.


Bobby Herring, better known as Christian rapper Tre9.

He passed out for several seconds on the ground. By then, PyRexx had gotten denied parole three times. PyRexx received three concurrent year prison sentences for possession of a controlled substance, possession with intent to distribute and manufacturing a controlled substance.

Before her death, PyRexx believed in God and called himself a Christian. These stories are made up of the beautiful, miraculous, joyful, tragic, unjust, dark things that momm happened to us, and are happening still.

PyRexx Tells All: How One of Houston’s most criminal Artists Became a Christian Rapper

You do NOT have to be in attendance to submit. Triple O last spoke to Rapzilla in For the most part, this Sunday Service was what you would expect.

pyrexx momma

He was free only 28 days. Thorough Breadz members multiplied in and out of prison by word of mouth. Get it on our SoundCloud page. PyRexx felt that Paul Wall gave him a halfhearted handshake, like he was just another rapper. PyRexx tried to hire a videographer from outside Houston to shoot the music video because no one wanted to burn a bridge with Paul Wall. Six months of fighting pyexx later, PyRexx married Ashley by a proxy wedding because married couples have special visitation privileges.


Buy or stream here.

pyrexx momma

Ashley grew tired of driving four hours to visit PyRexx and leaving in tears because he took his misery out on her, so they divorced. Tre9 won PyRexx back to the idea of a good God. His last memory of her forever became being taken away from her. Walking cell to cell, Tre9 met and invited PyRexx to his concert in the prison chapel. Being someone who tends to be pretty vulnerable on the mic, NF found some space here in front of a camera to be real.

pyrexx momma

Check out our schedule for our events at A3C Festival below. But around the same time that the loss of another pygexx one overwhelmed PyRexx, his notoriety in Houston began to grow.

The idea of making Christian music was another story.


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