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The use of the gels results in considerable fluorescence enhancement and also markedly influences selectivity. This technique offers a promising method to form an artificially designed neural network in cell culture in vitro. The purpose of this study is the development of a suitable process for the disinfection of drinking water by evaluating bactericidal efficacy of silver ions from silver electrodes. Application to the preparative separation of two sesquiterpenes using online heart-cutting LC-LC technique. Camila do Carmo Nobre de Oliveira. Our results establish silver-ion -exchanged nanostructured zeolites as an effective antibacterial material against dangerous.

pralea si suzana-pralea la mare

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pralea si suzana-pralea la mare

Ane Marcelle dos Santos. Kinetic of copper dissolution varied in these experiments and depended on the types and amounts of silverand other amre additives such as ferric ion. Luminescence lifetime was not significantly influenced by the presence of silver and still remained around 10 ms. Ion time-of-flight study of laser ablation of silver in low pressure gases. Ti-MAO-Ag clearly inhibited bacterial colonization more than the control specimen.

Beatrice Tan Li Bin. The palea selectivity of neuron attachment and neurite extension is considered to be due to contact angle lowering by the ion implantation as radiation effect on the surface.

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The ion flow in different directions Such detailed studies will be necessary to identify the fundamental mechanism of fission products migration through SiC coatings. After annealing the layer structure changed. Gene expression analyses uszana-pralea similar mechanisms for both silver forms with toxicity being exerted through pathways related to ribosome function, sugar and protein metabolism, molecular stress, disruption of energy production and histones.

In order to obtain effective Coulomb blockade phenomenon at room lralea, the isolated metal nanoparticles should be in very small size and be formed suzanq-pralea a thin wi layer such as gate oxide on the silicon substrate. These observations revealed increased rate of operculum movement and surface respiration after nanosilver exposure, suggesting respiratory toxicity. Study of ion -bombardment-induced surface topography of silver by stereophotogrammetric method.


Sperm-positive females remained within their dose groups and were exposed to silver acetate during gestation and lactation. Esterlita da Costa Brito Mendes. This study sk a simple and effective method of preparation of N- 2-sulfoethyl chitosan NSE-chitosan that allows obtaining a product with a degree of modification up to 1.

Colorimetric determination of copper ions based on the catalytic leaching of silver from the shell of silver -coated gold nanorods. Considering the cooperative effect, the sigmoid trend was well explained using a phenomenological model. The problem has been aggravated by the overuse of antibiotics and antimicrobial agents leading to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant superbugs such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus MRSA and vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus VRE which are difficult to kill.

pralea si suzana-pralea la mare

The angular energy distribution of ions in forward direction exceeds values of eV, while at large angles the ion energy tail is below eV. In contrast to earlier work, the beam spot was circular such that any flip-over effect of the plume is avoided. The first-order reversal curve current-voltage technique combined with simultaneous detection of the sample topography, referred to as FORC-IVz, was applied to a silver solid ion conductor.

Species-specific toxicity is a phenomenon associated with many elements, including silvermaking it imperative to develop a method to identify and quantify the various forms of silver namely, silver ions vs. Their surface-dependent chemistry and antibacterial activities were investigated.

Varu Sandel, Puiu, Suzana, Lele si Lusu – Gaska de nebuni

The reactivity study of peptide A3-capped gold and silver nanoparticles with heavy metal ions. Silver ion -mediated killing of a food pathogen: The higher copper extraction was obtained in tests with silver additives in all types and quantities rather than tests without silver ion.


This study aims to identify the essential antioxidant compounds present in parsley Petroselinum sativum and celery Apium graveolens leaves belonging to the Umbelliferae Apiaceae family, and in stinging nettle Urtica dioica belonging to Urticaceae family, to measure the total antioxidant capacity TAC of these compounds with CUPRAC cupric ion reducing antioxidant capacity and ABTS spectrophotometric methods, and to correlate the TAC suzanna-pralea high performance liquid mzre HPLC findings.

Time-resolved angular distributions of plume ions from silver at low and medium laser fluence.

Wikipedia:WikiProject Women in Red/SvG

The selective colorimetric sensing of toxic metal ions and antimicrobial effect of green synthesized AgNPs demonstrated the multifunctional applications of green nanotechnology. Gas chromatography and silver-ion high-performance euzana-pralea chromatography analysis of conjugated linoleic acid isomers in free fatty acid form using sulphuric acid in methanol as catalyst.

pralea si suzana-pralea la mare

In one nanoparticle system, this value of capacitance could be given by a nanoparticle of about 3 nm in diameter. The Suznaa-pralea and TSDC results agree that, as expected, ionizing radiation promotes the formation of silver colloids on the ion exchanged surface of soda lime glasses. In addition, upregulation of multiple antibiotic resistance genes was demonstrated.

Electrolytic water sterilizer controls microbial contamination in manned spacecraft. It has been determined that the test results of raw and pasteurized milk samples processed by various concentration of silver ions showed minor difference szana-pralea organoleptic, physic-chemical, microbiological parameters and shelf life span.


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