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For example, if the buffer is declared as Fortran parameter, then compile will fail. Aggregation applies to requests to the same variables as well as across different variables. This revision fixes this problem by 1 sorting the starting offset of all nonblocking requests into a non-decreasing order; 2 dividing the requests into groups two types of groups are identified: Home Projects Publications Members. With CDF-5 format, large sized array variables with more than 4 billion elements can be created in a file. Under Development PnetCDF is constantly updated with new features and performance improvement methods to meet the high-performance computing demands. They are replaced by NC error codes now:


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pntcdf Bug fix for updating the number of record variables in nonblocking APIs. Please consider this as an “early feedback” version and not a hard guarantee of a fixed F90 API though we don’t expect pnetccdf to change drastically if at all. PnetCDF project web page maintained at Argonne National Laboratory, including software download, users documents, etc. Nancy Collins, James P. Set it to 1 to enable the checking. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory People: However, if you encounter problems, there are also several build recipes for specific platforms: Syntax pneetcdf for Fortran put APIs intent of buffer argument in all Fortran APIs is changed to inout, as byte-swap might be performed directly on the buffer.


Below describes the design principle of PnetCDF. Aggregation applies pnetcd requests to the same variables as well as across different variables. In this example, the data partition pattern among processes is in a block fashion along both X and Y dimensions. For collective APIs, many places have been changed to prevent program from hanging if a subset of the processes got errors.

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Similarly for var1, var, vars and varm APIs. Through this API family, users can access complex non-contiguous file space, no longer limited to pnetccf subarray layout. PnetCDF uses Autoconf tools which is usually smart enough to detect the required software by just running command “. F90 module for F90 codes. The subfiling scheme can decrease the number of processes sharing a file, so to reduce the file access contention, an overhead the file system pays to maintain data consistency.

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This change is to ensure the number of records is up-to-dated in file, in case the application program does not close file due to crash or programming error. Yu-heng Tseng pjetcdf at as. However, because MPI-IO requires the file displacements of the flattened fileview be in an monotonically nondecreasing order, the original approach in v1.



Release of PnetCDF version 1. Because data partitioning is made transparently from users, data accessing is kept the same through the conventional PnetCDF APIs and the master file. Subfiling is available in PnetCDF release 1.

The data partitioning pattern used is in block-block-block along the three dimensions. However, be warned about the additional memory requirement. Compatibility note In testing with version Pierre Kestener and Sebastien Fromang Reference: An example API is given below. Although concurrent read from multiple application clients on a shared file can be achieved using individual file pointers, there is no parallel file access semantics in the APIs.


Pneetcdf compatibility with NetCDF Bug fixes in our Fortran90 support. Home Projects Publications Members. Support for CDF-5 data types: Source code repository — Users are recommended to use the release versions for production runs but also welcomed to try the latest features under development.

Brad Gallagher, Katie Antypas Reference:



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