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Draw data networks with the Spring chart extension. Seems like in PHP 7 that is not allowed anymore. In the German Section of this Forum, there are at least two other users with this problem. Image maps support It is now possible to create imagemaps for your charts that adds and extra interactive experience with your users See more in the documentation.. Linear bubble charts Represent your 2D data with the well known bubble chart layout. Fonts and readability may become a problem, so maybe you want to draw two images: Support for code 39 and code barcodes.

pchart php

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Thresholds You can add thresholds over your charts to highlight specific values. Cannot use string offset as an array which lead to: Conditional Formatting Define thresholds that will be used to use different filling color depending of the plot values.

pchart php

Hi everyone I faced the same issue. It is not pchrat matter of resize. You can create plot, line and curve charts easily and play with all the rendering options to get the best visual result for your applications.

pchart php

Lammertsma Jan Ido Lammertsma March 15,8: See the licensing options. Extensive support for bar charts. Use the sandbox to quickly design your charts.


HiTech companies are also following us since long time continuously looking for innovative ways to display and highlight valuable data. The automatic scaling algorythm pphp been enhanced to build human readable scales when possible.

Bug in pChart library – Piwik + PHP Win64 – Support & Bugs – Matomo forums

Ring charts The pie chart class also allow you to draw both 2D and 3D ring charts. As of PHP 7. Include all the standards charts Standard charts. ;chart am not a PHP guru, I am only guessing here. How do we handle problem users? Feel free to use the Wish tracker to post and vote for the new features.

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If you draw the image pchzrt larger you may switch off anti aliasing when drawing the lines, because the resizing will smooth out everything anyways. I will appriciate if someone can point out the fix for this. Add labels over your charts.

pchart php

It is now possible to create high quality graphics. I debuged Piwik with xDebug and in the end the error comes from pData. Standard charts All standard charts present ;chart the first version of the library are still there.


See more in the documentation. As of today, there is no other PHP charting library providing such features in their packages.

PHP pChart Examples

You can now delete the cached object with a low hit rate or flush the older ones in one call. After resizing the line image, you then have to combine both images by overlapping them into one single image. I have installed Piwik version 3. See more in the documentation. Mix the styles and charts.

pChart PHP Code Examples – HotExamples

Draw data networks with the Spring chart extension. Linear bubble charts Represent your 2D data with the well known bubble chart layout. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown.


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