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You can view information about any Study Event. OpenClinica Insight makes it easy to ask questions of your clinical and operational data and visualize answers via interactive reports and dashboards. The foundation of OpenClinica Insight is a data warehouse that is generated from your OpenClinica transactional database. Signed on How do I get started? Provide your API key as the basic auth username value. Search Search this site:

openclinica user manual

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OpenClinica 4 User Documentation. You’ll need an OpenClinica environment to develop and test your application or module against. Sharing your work helps make OpenClinica more useful for everyone and gives you help improving and maintaining it.

OpenClinica User Manual

Once you request access, your OpenClinica sales and support teams will work with you to get your study set up for randomization. OpenClinica 4 OC4 has a user-friendly interface; is seamlessly easy to use; and includes built-in, context-sensitive help in case you do have questions or need guidance at any time.

You can share and embed your opebclinica and dashboards, or integrate Insight with your existing backend toolchains and reporting platforms.

Configuring OpenClinica Randomize Once Randomize has been enabled for your study, the OpenClinica team will take steps to ensure it is implemented appropriately per your study requirements. The software download includes installation instructions, but for those in difficulty, this manual includes an Installation checklist.


OpenClinica 3 User Documentation | OpenClinica Reference Guide

An on-screen message and email notification confirms your request and the Randomize status changes to Pending. This book contains a series of guides to help users learn how to use OpenClinica for clinical data management. How do I get started?

openclinica user manual

Getting Started This guide will help you interact with and extend OpenClinica in a programmatic way. Alternatively, you could randomize all non-randomized patients by running the Randomize rule in batch on the Manage Rules page.

OpenClinica User Manual/LockingObjects

You iser view information about any Study Event. Use Notes and Discrepancies for query and discrepancy management capabilities to help you verify the accuracy and completeness of data in a clinical trial. Insight is designed to be intuitive and self-documenting. Find out the URL of the test environment and make sure you have a test study and a user manjal on the system.

To Request OpenClinica Randomize: This maintains all of your randomization information for the study, but you will not be able to randomize any new patients.


Monitor and Manage Data | OpenClinica Reference Guide

Do I have Insight? OpenClinica Randomize was introduced in OpenClinica version 3. This page was last edited on 20 Septemberat Approved for publication by Benjamin Baumann bbaumannPrincipal. OpenClinica User Manual Shelf: Some of these descriptions are part of Insight itself, while others are generated from your study metadata.

OpenClinica 4 User Documentation. Signed on 9: The following is provided as an example of one implementation of Randomize based on a study with stratification variables of Age, Gender, and BMI.

openclinica user manual

The user interface runs on software called Metabase. Signed on 4: Dashboards are pages that display the results of several questions at once. The Randomization section displays with the randomization code in a read-only field: Provide your API key as the basic auth username value.

In other languages Add links. With the Monitor and Manage Data module in OpenClinica, you can oversee and validate data for a Study, allowing for increased productivity in clinical trials management.

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