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Jayachandran , who also played a role in the film were composed in raga Mohanam. Gowri ran to Ramu upset by what happened and he too was upset at how she treated Gowri and the arrangements of him marrying Lakshmi. Vasudevan Nair and starring Monisha , Vineeth and Saleema. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Among the five songs in the film, three except those sung by P. But he really loves Gowri loves Gowri and soon Ramu became very depressed.

nakhakshathangal malayalam movie mp3

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Good conduct and intelligence of Ramu gets noticed and he is asked by a lawyer to stay in the house, where Gowri is a maid. Lakshmi found a note on her desk and she read it. Vasudevan Nair and starring MonishaVineeth and Saleema. Gowri forgave her and she embraced Lakshmi and Lakshmi cried in her arms. Vasudevan Nair Films directed by Nakhakshatnangal Malayalam films remade in other languages Indian romantic drama films.

Nakhakshathangal Malayalam Movie Songs Free Mp3 Download 320 kbps

But Lakshmi spied on them embracing each other in sadness without them knowing, and she was so infuriated by the fact that Ramu loved Gowri more than her and she began malayalxm destroy some of the things in her room and she was very sad and she began to cry on her bed in her room.

Retrieved 22 October Lakshmi feels a ray of happiness as she has someone to live with forever. The story is about Ramu Vineeth nahkakshathangal, a year-old boy who is staying with his annoying uncle, who gets angry and often treats Ramu like a slave. Lakshmi wrote on one of the nakhakshathanval saying that Ramu was dead and Gowri was in deep sadness. But Gowri came into her room and saw what she destroyed and she found a note on her desk saying that “Lakshmi is a fool”.


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Lakshmi went and sat on the steps near a waterhole where she saw Gowri washing some clothes. Views Read Edit View history.

Kurup ; all music composed by Bombay Ravi. The lawyer’s deaf and dumb daughter Lakshmi Saleema gets attracted to Ramu and the lawyer nakhakshathangzl the marriage without asking Ramu. It was remade in Tamil as Pookkal Vidum Thoothu. Jayachandranwho also played a role in the film were composed in raga Mohanam. The songs became even more popular than the film, and are still chartbusters.

nakhakshathangal malayalam movie mp3

Both find love, and after sharing a few tender talks and moments, depart without a clue that they will meet again. When back Ramu runs nakhakshathangall from his uncle and lands up in the city with his neighbor Namboothiri played by Jayachandran. The lawyer revealed to Lakshmi that Ramu is dead, Lakshmi was really sad and soon she was ashamed because of her actions toward Gowri.

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On a trip to the pilgrimage town of Guruvayoor with his uncle played by ThilakanRamu meets year-old Gowri Monishawho has come with her grandmother. Films directed by Hariharan. Among the five songs in the film, three except those sung by P.


nakhakshathangal malayalam movie mp3

All lyrics written by O. Archived from the original on 22 October The lawyer was very sad and he told him that Lakshmi really loves him. Lakshmi angered at her response, slapped her and Gowri burst into tears and ran away. Lakshmi was shocked and saddened by the loss of Ramu.

Monisha Saleema Vineeth P. This page was last edited on 25 Septemberat Lakshmi and Gowri become good friends with each other with Gowri to support her relationship with Ramu. It was really a suicide note from Ramu and that he committed suicide by getting run over by a train. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

But Gowri was reluctant to look at her, but she turned anyway and Lakshmi apologised for being mean to Gowri. As fate would have it, Ramu and Gowri meet again.


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