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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Still Life springs from a meditation upon the myth of Sisyphus, who was sentenced to a weird kind of immortality: Elena Topalidou The Sun God: He was thinking about Albert Camus, and about work as meaning in and of itself. At the same time, Dimitris Papaioannou concentrated deeply on simplicity, interaction with real materials, and silence — musically-composed silence. The choreographer draws his protagonists from the myth — the trio of the love triangle, the Sun God, a chorus of Argonauts — and introduces a character of his own devising, the Dog. Dance theatre and contemporary art.

medea papaioannou

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She gushes the mysterious gestures of a dark priestess of love when copulating papaiosnnou Jason. Dimitris Papaioannou is a choreographer and a visual artist, graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts.

MEDEA by Dimitris Papaioannou. Dance theatre and contemporary art. | Or Not Magazine

Volos has been enjoying an eventful few days thanks to the performances at the International Conference on Musical Theatre. I have sensed the audience around me sit with bated breath, have heard the applause and the “bravos” called from all sides, have taken in everything said as people left the performance, and I can only stress once more that this is the most important cultural event to have been staged in Greece for many years In her review of the performance of Medea at the 12th Lyon Dance Biennial, Anna Kisselgoff of The New York Times describes the production as “the festival’s big surprise”, praising its “extraordinary passion” and “striking intensity”.

Sun God and Dog seem to act like the two sides of the same deity: Red Out and the film short The Kiss by Alexis Bistikas [9] which saw him engage in an on-screen kiss with the actor Stavros Zalmas[10] and sets for Bistikas’ film short The Marbles. He presented his art work at a number of exhibitionsproduced illustrations for numerous magazinesand designed and co-edited the countercultural fanzine Kontrosol sto Haos —[2] one of the few publications to include openly gay content at that time in Greece.


Archived from the original on March 21, Pavlos Avouris Assistant Choreographers: The Edafos Dance Theatre company takes us on a journey across Mediterranean waters, through a world that is initially less dance-oriented, but which remains coherent and convincing throughout.

Dimitris Papaioannou

The dance approach is of an entirely descriptive nature, where the body signifies nothing in and of itself but rather exists solely within the set that surrounds it and, moreover, within the costumes that clothe it. Fotis Nikolaou Argonauts, Seasons, Flames: Stage directorChoreographerVisual artist. It is he who gives Medea the blood-soaked ribbon with which she blots out the lives of her love rival and her own children. Meanwhile Jason, the Sun God, and the Argonauts seem to have stepped out of the visual world of painter Yannis Tsarouchis.

This is modern ballet at its finest, both ground-breaking and accessible.

Every single member of the audience was left speechless by the visual effectiveness of the production. Emotionally accessible to all, but at the same time quite abstract, the success of this piece lies mainly in the storytelling.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be papaioaannou immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful.

Dimitris Papaioannou – MEDEA

With lucidity and intensely refined movement, she pours life into her costume, claiming it as an inseparable part of her body. Michalis Nalbandis Set Design: Thodoris Michopoulos Assistant Costume Designer: Reworking the production mexea an all-new cast, papaioamnou seeks to isolate and convey the essence of what made the original version so captivating.


He introduced a new key element in the performance: And on the other, an interest in the form of the artwork itself — in how a single motif can become a kind of latent narrative through its repetition and multiplication like on ancient Greek Geometric vases and Eastern patterned carpets.

Medea dresses in the wings of a wild swan or of an albino bat, or in the tail of a peacock. This is a Medea betrayed before the dog barks three times… Zoomorphic elements, reminiscent of Egyptian mythology, are also applied to other characters.

medea papaioannou

Angeliki Stellatou Assistant Director: He would then walk down in order to roll the rock up again. Consequently, this is a work most worthy of your attention. Choreographer and director Dimitris Papaioannou spins the tale of the tragic encounter between the sorceress Medea and the hero Jason like a visual spell: We are offered an hour in black and white flecked with flashes of red blood, which demarcate the space and accentuate this time of deadly desires and mortal madness; it is an unearthly hour that vacillates between extraordinary images and urgent outbursts.

Six hours on stage with no beginning, middle or end.

medea papaioannou


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