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Pondering Unification with Romania? At the same time, over people gathered outside the building where the meeting was held, demanding unification of Moldova with Romania. He was initially hospitalized in serious condition at Elias Hospital in Bucharest where he was tracheostomised and mechanically ventilated. The Association of Christian Orthodox students gathered a list of signatures supporting the building of the church. Cernea argued that both the donation of the terrain and giving the additional funds represent a misuse of state funds and is illegal. Participants at the unionist march voted for the formation of the National Unity Bloc Romanian:

marsul presedintelui

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Their findings were confidential but on 4 May parliament speaker Andrian Candu published what he said was Kroll’s report on his website.

marsul presedintelui

The first to marrsul on the scene were nurses and doctors from nearby Bucur Maternity Hospital, [51] who were on duty that Friday night. Founding members of the Civic Platform Dignity and Truth.

marsul presedintelui

Protests despite Victor Ponta’s resignation”. Clashes broke out with police at the prosecutor general’s headquarters, [8] where activists attempted to set up an occupy -style tent encampment.

The factory belonged to the Prodanof family, a well-known family of industrialists in the interwar period.

Organized by Unionist Platform “Action ” and Youth of Moldova, the manifestation was claimed to be one of the largest in the recent history of Moldova and the fourth great national gathering after those of 27 August calling for a restoration of the Latin script16 December in support of changing the name of the state to Republic of Moldova and 27 August celebrating the proclamation of independence from the USSR.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Romanian. Later that day, up to 20, people joined three different rallies that were organized by both the left Socialist Party of Moldova and the centre-right Civic Platform DA. They blocked national roads with agricultural machinery. Pinewood painted with washable hung from the ceiling. The next day, on 6 November, people kept protesting, although in fewer numbers 6, in Bucharest and several thousands in other cities.

Forțele Navale Române

Doar ca ne-a facut Dumnezeu sau si ca ne tragem din maimuta? De ce a respins presedintele varianta Plahotniuc”.

For the first time the president invited representatives from street people to a round of consultations to hear their demands. Several people still critical”. An investigation mqrsul the fire was started by the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Prssedintelui. While many expressed gladness at president’s presence in the square, others booed, whistled and chanted “Shame on you”, “Resignation”, “Thieves” and “We don’t want you”. Demonstrators and supporters of the platform have expressed dissatisfaction with the political and economic situation in the country and called for early elections.

Mii de persoane au strigat “Unire”! The march lasted a week, from 5 to 11 July.

Remus Cernea

Negligent homicide, negligent bodily harm and negligent destruction [6]. Retrieved from ” https: The Association of Christian Orthodox students gathered a list of signatures supporting the building of the church.

The issue highlighted the problem of corruption in Moldova and although the government has promised an investigation, protest leaders have called for a campaign of civil disobediencea general strike and a refusal to pay utility bills in order to force the resignation of the government. Inthe association organized a concert against the new law regulating religion in Romania, which banned “religious defamation”.


Doors were opened to the public at 8: On 3 May, up to 50, people protested against the Government of Moldovasaying it had failed to implement reforms to bring the country closer to the European Union.

Many gendarmes offered no resistance, being dragged out of the device and giving up shields and batons. Archived from the original on April 14, The project of the building of the church was cancelled and the Orthodox icons in the University classrooms were removed.

On 7 November, nine patients eight Romanians and an Italian— Neapolitan Tullia Ciotola [79] died, bringing the death toll to All times are EET. He argues that the school curriculum is particularly important, since it influences the high school students’ choice of university study and that this is why in Romania there’s a huge number of those studying theologywith a dwindling number of students studying sciences. Unionists and pro-Romanian activists: Retrieved April 13, The Solidarity for Freedom of Conscience Association also contested the name “Romanian People Salvation Cathedral”, arguing that it has nationalistic overtones, by linking being Romanian to affiliation to the Orthodox Church.


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