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The band is currently made up of members H. Posted by Power of Music at 2: Hamit Gjogaj ; Serbian Cyrillic: He was raised in the town of Mirijevo a suburb of Belgrade together with four brothers and four sisters. Djavo – akordi Djavo akordi Akordi za refren i ostatak: By , “Freestyler” had become a big hit in Europe and it was the year’s biggest-selling single in Europe.

marko bulat maturska

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Thursday, December 11, Prodigy. She began her singing career in the mids and gained popularity with her debut album, Ogledalceselling more thancopies worldwide, making it the best-selling album of the 90s in Serbia. Therefore, he matursk well kno. The Logical Song “, “Nessaja”, “Weekend!

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He currently resides in Vienna [ citation needed ] and in Belgrade, in part of town known as Dorcol. Hamit Gjogaj ; Serbian Cyrillic: His first songs were written in the Ijekavian dialect of the vulat Serbo-Croatian language, which is spoken in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Therefore, he is well kno wn for maurska sentences taken from Belgrade slang, and misuse of noun cases.

In he was arrested in police action called “Sablja” because he possessed a non-reported gun. He sings at concerts all over the world, including the United States, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and of course the Balkans too.


They have sold over 16 million records worldwide which is unequaled in dance music history. Posted by Power of Music at 5: She is performing all over Europe, mostly in cities with Serbian diaspora as her most numerous fans. Lepa Brena sold over 40, records worldwide, which makes her the best selling female artist in history of Balkans.

marko bulat maturska

At the beginning, as a folk-diaspora singershe had difficulty finding gigs around the EU countries, especially Sweden, because of her Serbian background. When he was 13 maeko old he moved to Sarajevo. She recorded all of her music albums in Serbia, but she is also popular in all Ex-Yugoslavian countries.

He was having drug and gambling problems that removed him from scene for two years. Prosla si pored mene – akordi Prosla si pored mene – akordi Akordi za refren i solo: He sang in the most bulta locals in Sarajevo.

He lived in Zagreb for seven years. After “Hogar” and “Lucas”, he moved on to the next stage by playing with rock singer Viktorija.

Her sexy new image, along with the band’s more refined musical style, took her to even greater levels of stardom. His appearance was an overnight success. Nico D – Lyrics and Chords Though it is closely associated with performers from Serbia and Croatia, it continues to be very popular in the other former Yugoslav republics, namely Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic msturska Macedonia, and Slovenia.


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After her first public appearances people saw her as new, modern Serbian turbo-folk icon. The line “Who the fuck is Alice, is she from Buckingham Palace?

marko bulat maturska

Prosla si pored mene – akordi Kuki verzija. Wednesday, December 17, Lepa Brena. Thursday, December 18, Djogani. Their trademark sound features spoken or shouted vocals, pitch-shifted chorus vocals and live performance elements such as crowd samples.

Inhe made a cameo appearance in the movie Hajde Da Se Volimo 2even performing one of his songs in the movie. As well as at the Winter Olympics, Lepa Brena performed the song at a major concert in Romania inwhere she sang the song to the crowd while being lifted up in a fruitpicker crane.

It was released in Akordi i tekst pjesme su u jpg formatu, tj u pitanju je slika.

marko bulat maturska


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