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The MWAP version number indicates if the robbing extensions are active. These are simply ignored by the script as it can’t find the variables in the usual locations. My Greasemonkey script does a lot of what Facebook Purity does, plus a lot more. Spockholm Mafia Tools – Official Bookmarklets. If you have a good stamina ratio and want to level up real fast, you can use two browsers, one doing roobing exclusively, the other doing the settle a beef job and the rest. Mafia Wars game on Facebook but find yourself pressed for time, an option is to use the Mafia Wars autoplayer.

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Sometimes no link in text and no wrs to click. MW AddOn on Firefox as a plugin it’s not a greasemonkey script anymore. Why won’t my MafiaWars autoplayer work?

Level-up strategy You need a high stamina value to level up continously.

Zynga wqrs the game Mafia On April 5,it was announced via Zynga’s forums that Mafia Wars would close down on June 6, Anyway resolving some broken scripts and fixing up all this damm broken happyplace links…. Mafia Wars; Privacy License. Fixed some exceptions errors when greasemonkey failed.


Now it dosn’t care.

greasemonkey scripts mafia wars facebook

Nursing a low-stamina player: FarmVille and Mafia Wars updates on Facebook. When you first start mafia wars at level 1, don’t attack until out autoplajer energy and chdome to leveling, but put all your skill points into energy every level and do quests constantly. Archived from the original on October 3, How to configure New “robbing” tab in the settings: The game was relaunched on mobile, with revamped mechanics, in selected markets in April You can leave this off if you have the diamonds, as the ratio with robbing wwrs better than with fighting.

Firefox has a plug-in called Greasemonkey that runs the mafia wars auto Mafia Wars Shakedown was launched as a stand-alone game, unconnected from the Facebook game, on November 15, The best chrkme time for a level was 3 minutes.

This article’s factual accuracy may be compromised due to out-of-date information. Zynga filed its trademark for the stylized version of Mafia Wars with the U. Used to Unframe the Mafia Wars game, this is needed for most bookmarklets.


Retrieved January 4, Download Greasemonkey Find user scripts. The Wall Street Journal.

Also, bonuses from achievement postings are not chrlme as these require some significant changes to the script. Firefox install requires Greasemonkey, There are a few users whose MW postings in the feed are non-standard I have 2 such users in my mafia so farmeaning the HTML-Code is not the same as usual.

greasemonkey scripts mafia wars facebook

On Facebook, as of AugustMafia Wars had up to From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This was an iOS exclusive. A single MWAP browser for a level player takes approx 10 minutes mfaia level up. Power-ups for your browser Userscripts Greasemonkey to store the script,


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