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Last revised on August 17, Zdrajca The traitor 9. How did you first get the idea to record Cohen’s songs in Polish? Czy to jest to czego chcialas? You know who I am. It helped us very much. His stage debut was a brief appearance at the Opole Song Festival in , where he was awarded with a prize for the best featuring song author.

maciej zembaty cohen

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maciej zembaty cohen

And he didn’t know he was macidj poet of Solidarity. You know who I am. Retrieved from ” https: So it took nearly six months until I was ready. Later that year he also received a number of records of Leonard Cohen, whose songs he started to translate. In Warsaw, he sang in the Palace of Culture.

35 x Leonard Cohen – Maciej Zembaty | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

There is a war. Yes, but, you know, in eastern Europe we are so depressed, Leonard Cohen doesn’t bother us.


You cohwn, my first album of Leonard Cohen songs was not that easy. He accepted, and we had a wonderful meeting at the Canadian embassy.


Afterwards he graduated from the Warsaw University ‘s faculty of Polish language and literature. I met him at the airport in Warsaw. You work almost as slowly as Cohen. And, you know, I was really shocked. Photo by Henryk Kotowski May from Wikipedia.

Maciej Zembaty: The Best (New CD of his Cohen songs) –

My mother came from Russia, and she always spoke very highly of these people. He recorded more than 60 cover songs, all translated into Polish by himself.

maciej zembaty cohen

Najpierw Wziac Manhattan First we take Manhattan 6. He holds the record for Leonard Cohen covers, having translated and recorded at least 60 songs over 10 albums.

He died in We had lunch together, and I asked him to accept an invitation to a party for the Polish democratic opposition. Afterthings changed in Poland, and Leonard Cohen’s Polish tour in was a very important factor.


Tancz mnie po milosci kres. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

maciej zembaty cohen

From that time on Zembaty became known primarily as the translator of Leonard Cohen’s work into Polish. Zdrajca The traitor 9. If it be your will. Yes, Leonard told me that it took him almost as long to write “Suzanne.

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One must find in his life similar experiences. And you know, I won. Bird on the wire.

35 x Leonard Cohen

Dzisiaj tu, jutro tam. They let me record it. Songs were recorded in Krakow


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