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I know that you worked on a decent amount of the new record on your laptop on your own, and then you guys took the ideas to the farmhouse and finished the songs there, was it a hard transition at all? What a silly analogy! That was kind of the aim for going to that farmhouse, just getting more of the 3 or 4 of us sitting down and playing and feeding off that energy as opposed to sitting at home alone writing songs and hoping they work with the band. I went into the rehearsals under the assumption that the dialogue would be largely improvised. Mitch has gotten really good with IMovie, and has a knack for editing, as well as a crazy memory bank too. We were shooting in an old night club when our camera operator Abe was on the roof setting up some lighting equipment and he literally fell through it and into the bathroom below and destroyed the sink.

luke lalonde rhythymnals

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If you still think this recording is just Hollywood magic, then catch them at their CD release on Halloween night at Lee’s palace. In fact I was instructed by Pavan not to look too closely at the script for fear that I would come to rely on it as a crutch.

Well I was really itching to try something like this. Unsubscribe anytime or contact us for details.

Grid View List View. I liked the idea of the project, the cast that Pavan had put together when he approached me, and the general vibe I sensed from people involved behind the scenes. Perhaps Onion Rings would be a more appropriate name because onion rings are the best rings of all.

I had done some improv before I started doing stand-up, and over the years I have done a couple of commercials, but that was nothing compared to acting as one of the leads in a feature film. Phil Lalpnde began stand-up comedy by performing at open rhytyhmnals around Vancouver, often in between bands at music venues.


What more could I give her? I mean, there were a couple of songs that died because of that, because — there were a number of songs I guess actually — I mean in the end we had I think probably 40 or 50 songs that were written along the way, and not all of them made it. That was the basic appeal to work with him.

Luke Lalonde – Rhythymnals

Are there any new bands or artists that you hope to play with this year? What’s not silly are the ballads, which are all lush and billowy and bellowly.

I really liked being a small part of something bigger and just tried my best to be as authentic as possible at all times and to listen to Pavan as much as possible. The first bit has a delightful acoustic flutteryness, which is met soon by some drum machines and then WHAMMO, you have a beautiful number with a cool beat and some poppy soft electronic sound. Fans won’t be disappointed.

Luke Lalonde – GetSongBPM

I think it being rhythymals first film gave the whole experience a sort of rush. What more could I do to see her point of view?

luke lalonde rhythymnals

Reasons why I love Born Ruffians. We were shooting in an old night club when our camera operator Abe was on the roof setting up some lighting equipment and he literally fell through it and into the bathroom below and destroyed the sink.

I had been shooting weddings initially as a means of getting experience that I thought would be helpful to establish a career in film but had continued doing it well past the point of it having any value in that respect.

I watched the farmhouse edits that you guys put on your YouTube page, is there any chance that Mitch is going to be doing any documentaries or filmmaking for your live material in the future? I hope that when people hear it they hear that. We shot and stayed at a resort in Colombia in February so at the most basic level it was a nice vacation.


Their music makes you want to sing along and dance around, flailing your limbs around without a care in the world. Yeah, because it is like one those festivals too where its like its not necessarily true that anyone is going to notice we were there because there are thousands of bands there. Just pooling together a bunch of different ways of writing, and trying to get the best out of all of that to get the best possible record.

Wow, there are so many that I feel like I can almost remember each individual day. Back in Toronto, working with Tim Heidecker gave everyone a real renewed energy after leaving Colombia. We had practiced the songs and played them together in a room but none of them — maybe 2 — had been played in front of people, and none of them had been toured enough to get so tight.

It was all done in the studio. I was a little intimidated about directing him but he proved incredibly collaborative and down to earth.

luke lalonde rhythymnals

What were the more memorable days when you were shooting? First off, you guys just started playing at least a couple rhyhhymnals the shows for the tour leading up to your album release, is it getting you pumped? Its just so, so good. Stay in the loop Sign up for our free email newsletter.


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