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Read Desc for more info Support the video? He’s coming back for COD4 Remastered. Had this video made since the moment black ops 3 beta was released it single handedly destroyed me. This new CoD 4 news is so awesome Most important meal of the day dogmom urmomgay ladtage zzirgrizz postmalone opticgaming.


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Make sure you sub and check out these nonces: This would not have been made possible without SLP so plea Siiny song 1 – https: First post in a minute imbackbish. He made the noscope famous with the “G-Shot”. I would literally hook school just to play call of duty My boy was over he said fuck the glove box. As a kid playing this game in 07 ladrage was a legend.

Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed the video! It’s so fucking awesome to have finally played with him.

Ask iDuel – HD и Full HD фильмы, музыка

Hellz yeah cod4 zzirGrizz. Never in a million years i thought this would happen but Tonight I became a huge fanboy when I joined a random match of domination and paired up with the famous zzirGrizz. This game is getting pretty stale now, only thing keeping me going is the support i get from twitter etc from you guys and i appreciate that a lot.



Last clip i thought i’d lost but found it in my youtube unlisted hence the shit quality Inside 36 Posts Time between posts:. Not sure how I lived in this clip. Come have a laugh.

It was was fucking awesome. Sick play of the game and my first quad head shot feed ever in second clip! Here’s some OG Call of Duty 4. Watching the classic zzirGrizz ready for cod4 remastered ladtagee cod4 zzirgrizz noscope.

Frostbelt “THE ACIDIC ARMY” COD Montage – HD Vdieos Portal

The banger that some of you may have seen going about twitter will be in the rank 1k master prestige montage t Not gonna lie I freaked out a little bit lmfao. Read Desc for more info Support the video?

Toodaloo and I hope you enjoy the video.


Chocolate milk hashbrowns zzirgrizz. I think it went well.

SnD 5 Man Killfeed

Yeah I lavtage other things than deadlifting. Please leave a like and a comment if you enjoy, it helps me so much more than you think: Chi ha detto quickscope?


Little bit of duos on blackout. Shortly before slaying Gdale JR in a 1v1 zzirGrizz interventionting. And share with everyone you know.


Just Trying ladyage chase this opportunity of being one of the greatest feels like it ain’t working but deep down I know I’m awesome at everything literally Goodlife Health Clubs Jindalee.


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