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To avoid overloading in aggressive mode, you also need to build, run, and terminate your trains in the same order. Cars with low move counts eventually get higher priority over cars with larger move counts. The tool also allows you to see how a specific car type will be serviced. If you require a train leaving staging to have a certain number of locomotives, locomotive model, or road; the program will search all staging tracks at the departure location for a train meeting those requirements. The way OperationsPro works with scripts has changed significantly. Finally select the consist name from the menu box in the “Edit Locomotive” window and press save.

jmri operations

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Pressing the “Add” button should create the “Add Schedule” window. Lower numbers will place the car near the front of the train, and higher numbers towards the rear. If we set the number of moves for the switcher to an odd number the program could overload one of the opperations track.

Use the roster print or preview features of the “Cars” window to print out a list of the cars for that location or track. Now in the first schedule item, instead of leaving the menu under “Ship” blank, select L print.

You can tell the program which operatiojs empty load you want each car to have.

JMRI: Operations

After making your changes, be sure to press “Save” in the Cars window if you want to keep operatioons changes. The “Trains” option allows you build olerations list of trains can set out or pick up from the track.

Now cars with this load will be routed and will have the same characteristics as cars with the “other” custom loads. This can be useful for large yards where track space for switching cars is needed. You could create this load for your boxcars and name it “L paper ” or just “paper”. The manifest might be easier for the Yard Crew as it will have only the right set of cars. What does OperationsPro do? Normally the locomotive’s destination and assigned train are generated by the program, but you can use these fields to force a locomotive to a specific location using operatoins specified train.


You can also optionally select which directions your railroad travels.

jmri operations

The program allows you to optionally display a pick up PickUp Msg or set out SetOut Msg message based on the car type and load.

The normal format is to list the cars in the order they will be set out as determined by the train’s route, and then alphabetically by the track names for each location. If you’ve built a list of roads that can be accepted by the track, you will see “A” followed by the number of roads that are accepted by that track.

Using JMRI Operations Pro (SETUP) – Kevin’s Model Railroads

The JMRI website has the online help telling how to set up things, but there are a few things where clarifications could be added. Note that it is okay to create more classification tracks or “virtual tracks” then there are physical tracks in your classification yard.

If a car has one of these loads when it arrives at a spur, the load name will change to the other, i. Picking up or dropping off a kernel group of cars represents operationw move.

You now build a second train, the program finds that the track will be vacated by the first train, so it schedules new cars to be spotted on to track by the second train. Be sure to press “Save Route” to save you setting. Now select the location the train will depart by selecting the location in the menu box located at the left bottom side of the window. Note that load restrictions for a spur will not create demand for that type of car and load.


My plan is that Local Switcher jobs will run from the Class Yard to the local industries. If you want the program to ignore some number of cars currently sitting on the track, you can use this feature to specify how many cars to ignore.

jmri operations

The Prototype equivalent would be blocking based on the billing. You later decide that you don’t want to run the first train, and reset the train. Schedules can operate in one of two modes, “Sequential” where the order in which car types and loads arrive is important, or in “Match” poerations where car type and load order isn’t needed or desired.

The next line in the schedule is requesting a tankcar with a load of “Oil”. If there’s a problem with the route, the status will be reported as “Error”. The track has several cars on it, you build the first train and the Manifest shows to pull all of the cars from the track.

JMRI® OperationsPro™ Manual

Set up 1 or more routes, setup 1 or more trains. This tool opens the car attribute window for car types. The tool “Modify Location by Car Type” allows you to select a car type and decide which tracks will service the car type for a operxtions.


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