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The two are independent of each other. This has always been the hugely annoying part of the Virtual Connect firmware upgrade procedure when for what seems like completely unexplained reasons you lose network connectivity during the activation part when the switches are rebooting. May 22nd, at They are in bays 5 and 6 There are green lights on both. All BladeSystem Virtual Connect posts http: The Interconnect Bays screen is displayed.

hp 4gb vc-fc module firmware 1.43

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All BladeSystem Virtual Connect posts http: They are in bays 5 and 6 There are green lights on both. Under the Interconnect Bay Information screen, click the Information tab.

I’ve checked that the FC interconnects are supported on that version B Ethernet and FC ports are identified differently in traps. April 12th, at This document is intended for the person who installs, administers, and troubleshoots servers and storage systems.

I get no reply from pings in both directions but comms to the iscsi network is working correctly. For the latest versions of selected technical documentation, go to http: The two are independent of each other.

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I just spoke to support and they have not seen this issue. Embed this content in your HTML.

hp 4gb vc-fc module firmware 1.43

Is there any method to launch this request as an feature request for a next version of VC? First, when accessing VCM IP for the first time where the browser will require to add security exception.

The Uplink speeds will depend on the VC setting and the external connected switch.

HP Virtual Connect Flex Firmware released which may fix upgrade nightmares –

Aborting further activations as this would destroy the VC Domain configuration. Then scroll ALL the way to the bottom of the popup window and there is a block of data down there about the transceiver.

If that preferred speed is not set on the fabric, Preferred behaves like Auto. mkdule

hp 4gb vc-fc module firmware 1.43

HP Virtual Connect fimrware. Second, by performing the following steps: Yeah, Bottom half of p. We are using range So, in this instance, what speed would the blades corresponding FCoE FlexFabric port be operating at?


All BladeSystem Virtual Connect posts

HP has released new Virtual Connect Flex firmware 3. For example, port X1 is identified as for Ethernet and 1. Locate the part number under the Interconnect Firmmware Information tab. Fibre Channel support Observe the following: Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog.

hp 4gb vc-fc module firmware 1.43

If no preferred speed is configured for a network, it behaves like “Auto”. When submitting moduke feedback, include the document title, part number, edition, and publication date located on the front cover of the document. Taken from Virtual Connect Manager 4. Erik had an SFP tranceiver question: FlexFabric upgrades result in a fabric outage. If the connection is not in the profile, no MAC. The Interconnect Bay screen is displayed.


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