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Responder will identify the operating system of the memory dump and extract a good deal of information, making it available to the responder via the user interface UI. All executable code residing in memory are scanned and ranked by level of severity based upon programmed behaviors. There is a great deal of capability in this tool, and there’s no way I’m even beginning to scratch the surface. This is an extremely powerful capability So, essentially, while I had access to an evaluation version of the Responder Pro product, I was really using what amounted to the capabilities in the Field Edition. Some of the documents taken by Anonymous show HBGary Federal was working on behalf of Bank of America to respond to WikiLeaks’ planned release of the bank’s internal documents. This is a huge step forward for the information security and computer forensic communities.

hbgary responder pro

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Archived from the original on 16 February Finally, these long-awaited capabilities are available to complement enterprise security best practices in the areas of host intrusion detection, hbggary forensics and security assessments, Memory Analysis: Leadership Board of Directors Contact Careers. Partners can license Digital DNA to enhance threat detection.

ResponderPRO Forensics Toolkit

Retrieved 18 February Important delivery information, rootkit behavior and malware not detected by AV can be easily found using Professional. Newer Post Older Post Home.

hbgary responder pro

I’ll be throwing up some stuff shortly about the tool when I can find some time this week. Responder allows every investigator to be successful with minimal effort. Well, not only is this now available in the current version of the product, but you can also drag the columns in the UI to rrsponder more suitable location.


Designed to augment automated malware analysis. Archived from the original on 12 February This is an extremely powerful capability Every element of physical memory can be analyzed with Responder PRO, from the standard process and module details to extensive details on open files, sockets and registry keys.

We’re glad you could see some immediate improvements since your testing of Responder and Fastdump last year. Control Flow Graphing provides rapid understanding of complex code executions path, code loops and calls. Tuesday, February 17, HBGary: The dossier of recently exposed emails revealed HBGary Inc.

HBGary unveils next-gen Responder Pro malware analysis tool

Exfiltration routine and file types: This page was last edited on 21 Septemberat Later it was reported that while data security firm HBGary Federal was among the “Persona Management Software” contract’s bidders listed on a government website, the job was ultimately awarded to a firm that did not appear on the FedBizOpps.

All executable code residing in memory are scanned and ranked by level of severity based upon programmed behaviors. It can analyze both bit and bit memory. More computer crimes are involving malware as a method of gaining access to confidential information.

hbgary responder pro

This allows you to use either screen scrapes of the Responder UI or exports of the data for reporting, or you export the data you’ve got and use tools similar to Gleeda’s vol2html. There is a great deal of capability rwsponder this tool, and there’s no way I’m even beginning to scratch the surface. Further, reverse engineers can produce reports that demonstrate with granular, fine-grained detail on root cause to define how threats have penetrated and to illustrate to managers how threats will potentially impact other machines.


Real-time alerting from IR and other SOC-based ppro products drives the need for Responder PRO at the investigative level, letting reverse engineers define exactly how malware was executed on specific machines, with the ability to disassemble and visualize the results. We worked very hard on FDPro and are pleased to have respondet nothing but positive feedback from those using it in the field so far.

Responder Pro – Memory Forensics for Deep Endpoint Security

US Chamber of Commerce. Comparably to Volatility, Responder PRO leverages proprietary behavioral engine, Digital DNA, to obtain impact scoring, which helps users in malware analysis and other threat indicators to uncover root cause. If anyone is interested in an evaluation of Responder or Fastdump please contact sales hbgary.

hbgary responder pro

Malware threats are automatically detected and displayed on the dashboard console. Retrieved 11 February Archived from the original on 2 March


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