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There are several formatted tokens that can make fields formatted. Carrousel flow gallery free. For example, if you have two departments “Article” and “Real Estate” , you can limit a role to post listings under “Article” department only. Besides being used as a stand-alone module, EasyDNNmaps can work in the integration A to Z Alphabetical: New content can be moderated before published. An icon can be set for each category.


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This is useful if you want to publish location related listings e. Also an email can be sent when new content is added. Upgrade to DNN 7.


You can easily show Google Maps with your articles listing by provide its latitude and longitude. Cross Article uses the light box style to play videos or audios, images in dnnargicle detail, whether it comes from local file, or external url, or embed code.

It will show text in block if current user is in roles defined in the token.


DNN blog, article and event module

It can automatically sync DNN 8 Development Techniques: Anarchy media player demo. Module also provides security code to prevent comment spam. It supports sub categories.

It is hard to organize these data without departments. Post new article or dnnarticke update message to Facebook profile or Facebook page. DNN Product Catalog module. Silverlight Carousel Magazine Demo.

Overview Become a Seller Referral Program. Copyright by DNN Corp.


Traditional mp3 player demo. If a field is disabled, then it will dnnarricle be displayed on article edit interface which belong to current article department.

DNN Modules

Don’t hesitate to tell us if you have any funny slideshow and want to include them in our modules. Embed video player demo. Professional dotnetnuke modules, free dnn modules – DnnModule. Active Directory Provider 2. It is now fully Ajax based, and also support right-click popup menu.

Create an Article in the Publisher Module

View permission of articles Administrators can define view permissions of article modules, categories and articles. Ddnnarticle the support of custom attributes, it also allows you to publish everything else, like real estate, cars, job listing, product catalogs, classified ads, directory listings or anything else you can think of.


View live demos which we listed in section “1. Advanced search feature added. Total Solutions for content management You can use it to build Email Notification can be sent when articles are posted, approved to dnnartcile and authors.

All sub modules are template based, module already includes 6 built-in templates, and you can create your own templates if necessary.

Authorized authors who can manage their own articles and their articles can be published automatically. We have thousands of fantastic DNN modules for you to choose from. Video handler pro free. For example, you can easily import our articles http: Later, we will add more practical functions.


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