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Why is Ndlovu doing this to Zungu? For mina i’m kinda of loosing intrest. But time will tell. Iris and Jackson ease into a life together. Why didnt he take the keys from the fainted guys mara??? Hi guys as for me the July episodes are a bit boring.

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MissVivian 27 Jun Ey ds is so draging now. A strange and worrying prophet also arrives in the valley.

dj jabs manyonyoba

Morning good people, didnt get to watch Isibaya yesterday because of the power cut, pls update. Ndlovukazi32 02 Jul Every dog has its dae Hey guyz, Ndlovukazi I dnt think there’s a woman involved towarfs death of Zungu, but remrmber when Ndlovu told Mandla his sinful plan? I need to figure out how to remove the small ga. Happy weekend 2 my gorgeous ,nd wonderful ‘sibaya teasers! Mfundohw 09 Jul Copying your files with Jaabs is a simple three-step process: Samson is justifiably outraged.


I have to agree with you MmaBaloyiif we dont watch now and wait for Mpiyakhe to come back, we will be lost in the story Nqopza yes he deleted it, but he might as well go to the recycle bin and restore it back.

Skhaleni seems to have come into some money. It was originally crowd-funded by the artist and his band.

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So Thandeka did not do anything noJoe guyz?. I won’t mis d day when real Mpiyakhe faces real evil Ndlovu!! S’bu leaves a broken hearted Thandeka to confront Samson.

Heish, that guy is so evil.

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Phangakufa 24 Jul Fezile unwittingly saves saves the day. Rockville rocks, and that charactor that Connie furgeson is playing yo Nqopza 29 Jun Haaah finally Mdu gives in to Jabuz tricks but i enjoyed Mdu’s charecter.

Yoh interesting, i hope to get my tv back on August.


Who could be pushing him over the edge? ThandekaJ 17 Jul Chix 24 Jul Only TVSA members can reply to this thread. Jennifers body avi When a gorgeous cheerleader is possessed by a demon and starts feeding off the boys in a small Manyonyobq farming town, her.

dj jabs manyonyoba

Just wish Thandeka to have her eyes opened. Shame poor mimi flopping again Isibaya is slowly loosing it They just keep dragging things and its more than annoying now. Am just worried though that where is he going to go because his family thinks he is DEAD


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