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Throw Like a Girl. By default the plugin will work for anyone on the server. This plugin removes the hostages on each new map. Now you may watch at your victim and he won’t see you seeing him! Ever wanted to have other title in scoreboard?

cs 1.6 super simple wallhack 6.9

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This is not a native or stock function, but a simple plugin to test the color chat. This is more an engine bug fix plugin. Admins are ignored from the plugin.

This plugin was done to manage the content of the “plugins.

counter-strike 1.6

This plugin randomly changes the C4 timer at roundstart. But admins can spectate players they are suspecting of cheat. A task can’t be cancelled without map change f. That’s why Bad Camper exists.

cs 1.6 super simple wallhack 6.9

Between 9AM and midday, it loads the “mapcycle1. You have cvars to set up the plugin.

CS 1.6 Hacks : Super Simple Wallhack v6.81[Undetected]

To use on Christmas event and maps! Warcraft 3 XP German. Camping is a strategy, no doubt about it. Further, a “heavy work” has been made since the previous 1. Ssuper have to modify the content of these parts: Look at a close grenade and press use button to kick it away.


We advice you to use the next plugin, because it will show the “team 1.66 message” only if your team has changed.


It’s also possible to set a blind duration in seconds. Adds a red Santa Hat cap above the head of all the players.

This plugin manages your deathrun server by doing the following things: This plugin removes this sound and you will hear only damage sound. This plugin is similar to the Roundend Blocker next plugin belowbut works a bit differently.

Maps to select are in the following files: Allows to purchase frags kills by using simple chat commands. Ability for admins to speak to admins only. This is the same plugin as “AWP Crosshair”, but for all the snipers please do not use both plugins together.

When player has a helmet he can’t be killed ccs headshot. The sprites wallgack want to use must be precached by setting them in the: Blocks the usage of the radio commands. New round, all pendulum’s are resetted, without plugin it would be same as previous text said. Plugin allows to collect throwed grenades.


cs 1.6 super simple wallhack 6.9

For information, IP spam are messages like that: Or for example you have 50 AP, you can walk on armor and it will give you This plugin could be used on deathrun maps. A team balancer for TFC. When you get close to the dead body you will automatically loot them. We advice you to take this one instead of the next plugin.


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