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Now it does it with both? Please, report any bugs you can find so I can fix them immediately. Various fixes in Flooded Streets level. Then when I go to “resolution” under settings it says the screen resolution is undefined? I was able to extract all the files into my mod folder and run it with a modified shortcut but i don’t have one of those nifty.

crysis 2 - maldo hd 4.0 beta mod

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Thank you, I used to use a similar config and don’t understand your comment, so I take a look into the smaa config in the final version and Doh!! I’ve even seen people happy with the mod and using screenshots and they did not have the mod activated.

I thought the config utility suggest to me higher settings with .40. Loving makdo beta Maldo. It’s like if you made a new game, on your own! Only because it is only used when your FPS goes above your monitors refresh rate thus NO taxi on the system. Cleanly installing the mod after deleting the folder did the trick, methinks.

Crysis 2 Awesomeness – MaLDoHD Final Released – DSOGaming

But, I’ve noticed an issue with aliasing in the final version that I didn’t notice while playing in the beta. Try reduced tesselation too, I’ve read that AMD have problems with crysis 2 tesselation implementation. So that is a no-go for me.


crysis 2 - maldo hd 4.0 beta mod

Install the mod, the original textures are quite shitty. But it does not. MaLDo if you are the only seeder of the torrent, make sure to enable super seeding: It has been tested on a fresh install. The game looks beautiful. So, I’m a bit depressed. ,od did see those threads however 1 user in there did state that DX11 windows 8 crysis 2 worked for him, and it actually was working jaldo me too I have Windows 8 RTM final version It definitely was working before the mod, but I know mov isn’t your mods fault and that it is Windows 8 at fault.

Crossfire ‘s p reccomended settings framrate is eratic. Select your resolution, you can use downsampling for better results. I think you just have to press the play symbol to seed.

crysis 2 - maldo hd 4.0 beta mod

Thanks, worked like a charm! And I would rather have the extra IQ.

Textures are proprely applied, i can compare with your screenshots and it was totally confirmed when i saw “Maldo stores” ; 4. double check ambulances like in the Youtube Video posted above: I’m working slowly in a full screenshot package through all levels.


Now to find time for messing around with this mod. As I did not want to install the final version over the beta, I uninstalled Crysis 2, reinstalled, patched and installed MaldoHD 4.

Waiting for the final version!

Crysis 2 Awesomeness – MaLDoHD 4.0 Final Released

You can add Reflections, Penumbra Shadows and those candy effects over Recommended Settings preset using checkboxes. Binos says there is bodies but i dont see any: Saw your mod at a friends house MaLDo 21 February at I’d imagine crhsis be taking time off, yes?

And the games resolution runs fine without the MOD.

If I am right, it seems like an important change to go undocumented no? Nov 20, 2, 0 0.

crysis 2 - maldo hd 4.0 beta mod

You simply Zip your files, download a — like utorrent and ask that client to create a Torrent out of it. Didn’t work in Opera.


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