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For example, you have created a model for use with a data source and you want to run it against a different data source. The result of running the query should be: More Information Less Information. When Automatic is used, shortcuts work the same as in previous releases, that is, a shortcut that exists in the same folder as its target behaves as an alias, or independent instance, whereas a shortcut existing elsewhere in the model behaves as a reference to the original. Due to the large number of users and groups in the 4 separate Active D irectory servers, the performance on Cognos was very poor.

cognos 8.3 framework manager

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IBM Cognos Express 0 views 41 pages. The JasperReports Report Engine was generating pdf, xls and csv reports and the complex web application was responsible for managing reports output save, email, print and distribution allow user, based on complex perm issions, to download the reports.

If you have not selected the Allow enhanced model portability at run time governor, Framework Manager accesses the metadata that has been stored in the model instead of querying the data source.

All other trademarks, trade names, service marks, and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies. My excellent analytic skills and abilities to locate problems determined lots of colleagues and peers to ask my help in solving problems. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: Bacon Bits Bacon Bits When I test it, I see my count and the caseID appear once for each person on the case.


If three people are on a case, I get the corresponding caseID and “3” three times. My solution was a replication tool to replicate only CDP relevant users and groups and implementation of a custom Java Trusted Signon Provider that authenticate the users against the master Active Directory, but uses, for authorization, the lighter OpenLDAP replica.

This tells Cognos not to try and roll-up the column values as you are creating your own custom aggregate function. Type in the desired name for the namespace that will contain the logical information. I’m trying to get a count of people by case id without double counting. The whole portfolio was monthly analyzed and several criteria checked in order to extr act a list of possible defaults.

If set to “true”, the modelQuery will be hidden in all the packages in belongs to.

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Preparing document for printing…. Used to cramework the expression of a QueryItem. User Guide 4, views pages. Framework Manager stores the metadata that is imported from the data source. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

The result of running the query should be: Each project had its own set of different user and technical requirements, different targets and constraintsdifferent types of day – to – day problems and support issues. If I was going to rephrase the question, it would be, “Assuming I had only two tables in my entire data model, Case and Person, how would I go about getting a single person count to appear in the Case table next to each unique caseID?


Make a new list report with a new query. Specify how to represent dimensions that do not contain any dimensional information hierarchy or level in IBM Cognos Framework Manager. Go back to the list on Page1.

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It’s enabled for queries by default. Log in to post a comment. FM Guide Explanation of this governor Framework Manager stores the metadata that is imported from the data source. Thus, the only way your count column is going to appear once and only once for each caseID is to only include caseID, or any columns from the same grain in your column list.

For more complex reports, you’ll need to have more control over Grouping and Sorting, controlling the order of both.

modeling – Cognos/Framework Manager: Double Counting – Stack Overflow

When you create a new model, the Shortcut Processing governor is always set to Explicit. Please try again later or use one of manzger other support options on this page.

Sign up using Facebook. Framework Manager Model Upgrade warnings clarified.

cognos 8.3 framework manager

By the nature of my data, using the “distinct” operator doesn’t alter the count. This will cause your aggregate column to repeat.

cognos 8.3 framework manager


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