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Platform Designer displays as many digits as needed in order to display the top-most set bit, for example, 12 hex digits for a bit address. At this stage in the Component Editor flow, you cannot add or remove parameters or signals created from a specified HDL file without editing the HDL file itself. Alternatively, you can disable or enable parallel IP generation for a project with the following line in the project. To add a value to an expression, right-click a node and select Insert Value. Related Information Platform Designer Interconnect. Platform Designer adds additional latency once on the command path, and once on the response path. Generated components that generate files not based on the output name and that have different content results in either compile-time conflicts, or unexpected behavior.


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You can specify Platform Designer system and interconnect security settings on the Interconnect Requirements tab. By default, all bits are enabled fully SW sequenced. The Parameters tab allows you to view and edit the current parameter settings for IP components in your system.

A channel width of 4 allows up to 16 channels. If a master issues “per-access” or “not allowed” transactions, your design must contain a default slave.

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Editing the Name of Exported Interfaces and Signals. You can populate the signals and interfaces parameters of the generic component from an RTL file. A WRAP burst is converted to multiple sequential bursts.



Right-click anywhere in the System View and click Add a new subsystem to the current system. The System .15.1.1Hierarchyand Parameters tabs are read-only. To set up fixed priority arbitration, you must first designate a fixed priority slave in your Platform Designer system in the Interconnect Requirements tab.

Intel Quartus Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Platform Designer

You can connect two conduits directly within a Platform Designer system as a point-to-point connection. Platform Designer displays separate figures for the command and response datapaths. The source responds to ready assertion or deassertion faster than the sink requires it. This brings the burst-in-progress up to an aligned slave cpk. Drill into a subsystem to explore its contents —opens the subsystem you select in the System View.

Support Backpressure with the ready signal. One share represents permission to perform one transfer. Interconnect parameters allow you to customize the implementation of the system 1.5.1. It does 1.51.1 change the address, burst length, or burst size of non-modifiable transactions, with the following exceptions:. A summary of the messages that Platform Designer issues during testbench system generation.


You can use the same fileset callback procedure for all of the filesets, or create separate procedures for synthesis and simulation, or Verilog and VHDL. Cloud-enabled, highly capable 3D printing software at no additional cost.


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Platform Designer ignores all other bits, for example, read allocate or write allocate because the interconnect does not perform caching. Follow these steps to synchronize one or more components in your system:. Memory-mapped transactions between masters and slaves are encapsulated 1.1.1 Platform Designer packets. By macs18maxSenior Member on 31st December For example, you can derive a clock period parameter from a data rate parameter.


The Reset Bridge parameters are used to describe the incoming reset and include the following options:. The following example demonstrates incremental generation of a Platform Designer System: Interfaces with different burst characteristics. IP —Use the IP option to create a component from a.

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You can group parameters under a common heading or section in the editor with the Group column, and a tooltip helps users of the cli understand the function of the parameter. Use the Blackbox option to create a generic component. Platform Designer generates a parameterized HDL module for you directly. System with Platform Designer Interconnect window.

This validation includes the following:.


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