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Add the operation methods on UmlBaseOperation. Now the drawing setting called show parameter direction is also active when the drawing language is UML. Add the possibility to set the geometry of the lines in the diagram except for the messages in a sequence diagram to have a right angle or or a crank or. This allows to reverse all the Java version 6 update 1 sources without warning nor error, producing classes, properties attributes and relations and operations. Memorize parameters color mode, page size and full page from a print to the next one in the same session. Adds use cases generation. The API with the Plug-outs is modified, the operation associatedComponent defined on UmlBaseClass is renamed associatedComponents and now returns a vector of components.

bouml 4.22.2

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Default class visibility is package Recall: Referenced by management take into account the class instances. When you load a diagram made or modified by the previous release, the redondant relation drawn are removed to have only one representation of each relation.

In the previous releases it was not possible to set the multiplicity in the two roles of an undirectional relation. Site boulm Author and links Legal mentions.

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Add Multi pages printing. This plug-out is automatically configured on the new project, to use it in your already existing project: Change the browser class menu select associated component by the sub menu select associated components allowing to select a component provided or realizing the class when several components do that. TaggedValue in the same ModelElement. The HTML now accept the following arguments in order: The name of the executable to add it to the plug-outs list of the existing projects is gxmi2.


The new drawing setting named show transition definition valuing false by default allows to choose between the name and the definition. Now you are able to select several directories to reverse them both, press ‘cancel’ in the file dialog to start the reverse of the selected directories.

Deployment node name and type was not correctly written in a deployment node diagram since release 2. The menu of a class diagram shown on a right mouse click done in the diagram out of any diagram element proposes the new entry add classes of the selected class view when the selected browser element is a class view containing class es not already shown in the class diagram.

bouml 4.22.2

Modify the tools dialog to allow to attach a plug-out on any browser element. Now, when you add an attribute or operation in a class through the browser, the added element is edited.

bouml 4.22.2

The undoable operations are moving, removing from view, element adding. When an old project is load for the nested classes: To be compatible with existing tools, the format is xml 1. Add new format of diagrams: Boml that sometimes changing the size does nothing because the desired font is not available. To manage the multiplicity of the operations return type, produced if you ask for at least an UML 2. In the sub-menu add inherited operations the abstract operations are now written in italic.

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This bug introduced in release 2. BOUML is very fast and doesn’t require much memory to manage several thousands of classes.


It is boulm possible to decenter a line having its geometry set through the line menu geometry, or.

This allows to reverse all the Java version 6 update 1 sources without warning nor error, producing classes, properties attributes and relations and operations. This feature is under construction.

bouml 4.22.2

The shortcuts allow to execute a command available through a menu like New operation or to run a plug-out for that you must enter the display string associated to the plug-out in the second tab of the shortcut editor. Fixe a bug concerning the undo changes in a diagram and on the a bi-directional relation’s role b drawing in a diagram.

When you export for Eclipse, ask for Uml 2. boump

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In the previous releases a transition trigger, guard and activity was not shown in a state diagram while the transition had a name. On operation add the multiplicity of the return type introduced by UML 2. To don’t disturb old other diagrams, this setting is forced boumo no for them. By default the shadows are shown, if you don’t like shadows set the drawing settings on the project level as usual to globaly specify your choice. Create a new project and look at the tool settings to have an example of configuration.


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