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A constructed language known as the Hymmnos Language called Hymnos in English-language releases is also present throughout the materials that form the series, used as part of the dialogue in the games as well as part of the lyrics of the songs heard in most audio releases related to the series, and used as a decorative element in parts of the interface, visual effects and backgrounds. Therefore, several products such as CDs compiling the songs found in the games and books explaining the intricacies of the game’s world were released. The main theme songs for all of the games were sung by Akiko Shikata. All of the Reyvateils can materialize their fantasies into the real world in order to use them as attacks or protection, normally using Hymmnos to do so, which receives the name Song Magic. Currently, the only known living Necrofamily in this region is “Ayatane Kureha Kirinami”, who was still a child at the time the Ayatane War took place, and after said war, he was sheltered by Clustania. Answered Beyond 40 Questions”.

ar tonelico melody of metafalica ost

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RPGFan Music – Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica OST

All of them were born ostt El Elemia the main country of Sol Ciel during the First Era, and their abilities as Reyvateils surpass that of most of the other types by far. Typically, Song Magic is crafted by the act of the partner Diving into the Reyvateil’s mind.

ar tonelico melody of metafalica ost

The name of the enormous structures Towers that serve as the setting for each individual game in the series. In the world of Sol Ciel excluding the cities of Platina and Em Pheynathe only groups capable of mass-producing the Diquility are the Church and Tenba, but the people that work for either of them can receive Diquilities free of charge, while on the other hand it is quite an expensive product in the market.

Due to this is that the lives of the Third Generations rarely go beyond 18 years, but by giving them the Life Extending Agent, which is a mass of Static H-Waves that lack any special characteristics, the LEM will give priority to the Static H-Waves from the Life Extending Agent instead of stealing it from their life force, allowing them to live relatively as long as normal humans however, since the usage of Song Magic puts such a heavy strain on their human bodies, they won’t live beyond 40 years at most.

As the Divers who have reached the ninth level have been said to be rare enough that only a few of them live in each era, they apparently are considered as candidates to heroes just from having managed to complete a Cosmosphere to the end. Therefore, several products such as CDs compiling the songs found in the games and books explaining the intricacies of the game’s world were released.

Ar Ru Arru [Note 1]. Town of the Heaven is a good example of the flute’s usage.


A few songs lack the wooden instrument’s presence, but the presence of the flute provides a classical tone to some of the tracks.

That aside, even humans that have managed to study the Hymmnos language and its origins in profundity are capable of using Song Magic, but since they wouldn’t be able to receive the support of the Song Servers for it, their songs would display an extremely weak amount of power.

While they were born as the product of a cross between humans and non-human creatures from a different world, they have established their own community and set apart as a different race. Lady Shurelia’s Technical Service Center”. Webarchive template wayback links All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from December Articles with permanently dead external links Articles containing Japanese-language text.

ar tonelico melody of metafalica ost

The Third Tower “Harvestasha”, located in the region of Sol Cluster, was built to shoot the XP Shell into the Planetary in order to carry out the AAA Planet Regeneration Project, but due to several incidents that led it to lack the power necessary to finish its construction, it wasn’t completed until near the end of the story of Ar tonelico Qoga. On the world of Metafalss, Diquility was discovered and invented by the first Maiden of Mio, Infel, so the Grand Bell Hall began distributing it to all the Reyvateils in the region free of any charge.

Ar Tonelico – Wikipedia

The flute’s presence is nice, but I think it hurts the composers’ abilty to explore more options and range by not using more of the keyboard or a different instrument altogether.

Originally called “Revatail” in the Japanese version, which comes from the Hymmnos word with the same pronunciation and meaning, they are a rare race that has appeared in all material related to the series so far and has the ability of converting sounds into power. It is invoked by singing or reciting spell phrases in a constructed language called the Hymmnos Language, and it is quite a strong weapon to wield in battle.

Given that this requires the Reyvateil to lay bare the contents of her mind to the Diver, she won’t allow anyone to do it: All of the Origins have it programmed to appear in their hips, but all other Reyvateils have their Ports appearing in very varied areas.

Many of the later tracks on the CD resemble the previous songs in terms of sound. And while it may be a bit out of the topic at hand, the Wills that give form to the star cluster and solar system to which Ar Ciel belongs are beings of a much higher order, of which the Wills of the Planet recognize Sol the Will of Ar Ciel’s Sun as their main God.

The core part of the series is formed by three console role playing gameswhich are listed below in chronological order:. Finally, after a development process in which there were several problems with the writing and revision of the main scenario scripts, the first game: Once they clear the ninth level, Reyvateils become able to freely access the resources of Tower, and since this also allows them to read the data recorded in it, this allows them to enjoy a game called a “Binary Field Game” alongside their partners.


Melody of Metafalicawas released as a PlayStation 2 RPG, and while a few characters returned for this sequel, it depicted a different region in the same planet as the first game, but a couple years after it ended.

Ar Tonelico, Vol. 2: Melody of Metafalica

Long ago his middle name was written as “Nest”, but later on it was confirmed to be a mistake due to the initial setting information, and his correct name is confirmed to be “Low”. However, there are exceptions, as there have been cases where a Reyvateil has crafted Song Magic in the real world all by herself, but it is a very rare phenomenon that only happens in situations that would cause extreme emotions to sprout in osf heart of the Reyvateil, such as the death of a family member. Currently, the only known living Necrofamily in this region is “Ayatane Kureha Kirinami”, who was still a child at the time the Ayatane War took place, and after said war, he was sheltered by Clustania.

As completely artificial life forms, they only grew until they turned 18, and won’t ever age or die. A it is possible to replenish Telomeres to a Triangular Nuclaear Loop, but such method fundamentally doesn’t exist.

The soundtrack is interesing, in my opinion, by how the flute conveys memorable elements of the game through the songs.

On the other metafaliica, the Teru coexist with the humans in the world of Metafalss, and due to being the inventors of the technology used for Diving, most of them also make a metafaliac as Dive Shop clerks and operators. As the Install Port carries such an important role in the maintenance of their own lives, as well as being said the part of the body that exposes the mind of the Reyvateil to anyone that looks at it, the Reyvateils will never show it to anyone excepting for people in which they have an extreme amount of trust.

While they used mftafalica be an artificially created race, they are in appearance indistinguishable from the humans, and they can also interbreed with them. Furthermore, if the Reyvateil subconsciously feels that the Diver fears her or is not serious about her feelings, she will prepare the scenario to not allow otnelico Diver beyond an even shallower level, which should be natural, as no Reyvateil would want to allow such a person to even Dive into her in the first place.


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