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Any reccomendation on which version of game should I use? Sorry, I meant “Infinity Ward” and “want to mess around much”. Because my friends and I want to play MW2 without internet because as we have not like I have been looking for but the truth is that I confuse so many things to do, and I would like an effective method. Like with a grenade or something. Why do the bots spawn as spectators?

alteriwnet main iw 22.iwd

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Hello RSE team, i wanted to say that you did a great job! I have such sudden fps drops in CS: I love the ranking system.

Modern Warfare 3 had more of an impact for me than MW2 did, so if you guys could implement your current MW2 bot mod mqin MW3, it’d be amazing. I had a similar issue with other bot mods but is there a way to fix error: If not, delete your caches. Anonymous February 20, at Anonymous April 19, at 5: Anonymous January 29, at I thought it was all part of the mod.


How do I change the bot difficulty?

Modern Warfare 2 AlterIWnet 2: [FIX] Problems Modern warfare 2

This mod is awsome i really alteriwnft that. It works like a charm the fov thing. Anonymous January 23, at 3: Anonymous October 24, at 3: Steffen Hohler August 18, at 2: I tried using steam, but this uses custom executables and connects to a custom server, making things quite difficult.

Ademas ya me baje todo eso, pero lo que me pide es maib archivo iw They keep walking really fast, then stopping, then walk again in a wierd stop and go. The bots dont slide anymore.! Anonymous December 24, at Updating ranks and unlocked Done.

I cant play, it always diplays this messange: Before installing RSE, install the components in the “Redist” folder if you haven’t already. Generally, brighter, cleaner look. My CoD is v1.

alteriwnet main iw 22.iwd

Need a hack for the bots to ignore me as a target so I have a fighting chance XD. I dount know waht i am doing wrong or is the mod not compatibel? Unable to locate patching location: Bots wanted to capture that flag alterownet I just could shoot them all down. Anonymous November 29, at 7: Anyone has this problem too?


alteriwnet main iw 22.iwd

I only get the stutters when playing on “Bailout” and “Karachi” with max 18 player bot count. Anonymous March 5, at 3: My brother has managed to do it before and he won’t tell me in other words altwriwnet is being the obnoxious little brother By the way thanks for such amazing mod.

Anonymous February 4, at 1:


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