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But I have noticed that during the most trying periods of my life there have only been one set of footprints in the sand. Is it fair darumam? Arun who always imbibes his music with a lot of energy. Krishna does not go on exile but He does leave Brindavan to complete all that He has to do in His incarnation. Like the flautist who enchants and stills her, so too are we enchanted into the stillness of meditation and contemplation at times. Though Radha is sung of in many parts of India, there are hardly any Carnatic songs which feature her.

alaipayuthe kanna by sudha raghunathan mp3

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Alaipayuthae Kanna – Sudha Ragunathan (9 Devotional Songs) – – Download Tamil Songs

As your flower like feet embrace me, I will be filled with joy and forget my existence! To what purpose then, all these births? These occasions are a happy mix of culture, socialising and people watching. As she despairs with jealousy and lack of faith, so too do we let doubts fill our mind causing our own grief. alaiayuthe

Alaipayuthey Kanna – Sudha Ragunathan | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Contact me if you feel that I have raghumathan on your copyright and I will remove what you object to. In my mind I see a form, yet it does not have the full beauty of Kannan And when I have a glimpse of a befitting face, I see not his beautiful smile.


Does the mystic love of Radha and Krishna alaiayuthe really capture the imagination of the more conservative Southerners? ArunSubramanya BharathiSudha Raghunathan. In adulthood, she awaits her Lord for evermore while Krishna marries Rukmini and Satyabhama.

Aadaathu Asangaathu Sudha Raghunathan.

alaipayuthe kanna by sudha raghunathan mp3

The concert was a raghunnathan 3. God loves uswe say. The poet has cleverly used the two meanings of alappadu; this line always makes me smile! Dhyanalingam – Sudha Ragunathan – Sudha Raghunathan.

alaipayuthe kanna by sudha raghunathan mp3

When my heart has not forgotten the love, how could I have forgotten the face? God is compassionate we say. Clear currently playing song. Alas, I have forgotten that beloved face! Sudha Raghunathan Tracks 96 Albums. Are we too waiting for the Lord to find us? It all goes to show that I am a traditionalist, which rather surprises me!

To know more about this raga, click here. My mind en manam is as restless as the waves alai in an ocean as I listen to the happy anandabewitching mohana sound of the flute venu you play. The song is urging us all to seek Krishna. We theists, is that what happens to us?


Manasa Sancharare – Sudha Raghunathan. Krishna created illusions — but which was the illusion? Not like meeting ET as per the vision of Spielberg, for God is not alien.

Alaipayuthe Kanna By Sudha Raghunathan Mp3 Free Download

On Sunday evening, at 7pm, Alaipayuhe walked into the nearly full concert hall with keen anticipation. For notation, click here. God forgives all our mistakes, we just alaipayuthr to ask, we say. In Karanam Kettu Vadithe poet wonders what he has done that God does not hear his call. It is in fact my reference song in Purvikalyani ; the song I sing to myself to recognize the raga.

Did I strike him with stones and bows? That the universe was within His mouth?


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